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4 NYC Food Trucks that are Raising the Bar

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In the video titled “NYC Food Truck Tour!! Cheap Eats in USA’s Expensivest City!!” on the Best Ever Food Review Show YouTube channel, hosts Sonny Side, Ben, and Ming take viewers on a culinary journey to find the best food trucks in New York City.

Sonny Side, the main host of the show, is a food enthusiast who travels around the world to explore diverse food cultures and bring unique findings to his audience. In this episode, they visit four of the most acclaimed food trucks in New York City. Their quest is not just about finding the tastiest food, but also about showcasing the variety and cultural depth of food that NYC has to offer.

For a detailed account of their food truck tour, watch the full video here.

Here’s a reverse chronological tour of our flavorful adventure:

4. Express Halal Food 🥙

Express Halal Food is a popular food truck in New York City that offers a variety of Middle Eastern dishes. In this episode, the hosts tried the lamb over rice and a falafel sandwich. The lamb over rice is a flavorful dish made with tender, seasoned lamb served over a bed of long grain basmati rice. The falafel sandwich is a vegetarian delight, made with crispy, flavorful falafel balls served in a soft pita bread with fresh veggies and a creamy garlic sauce.

3. Taqueria Regina 🌮

Next, they visited Taqueria Regina, a food truck known for its authentic Mexican cuisine. They tried the chorizo taco, pork ear taco, and sopes. The chorizo taco is a spicy, flavorful dish made with Mexican sausage, while the pork ear taco offers a unique, crunchy texture. The sopes are a traditional Mexican dish made with a thick corn tortilla topped with a variety of ingredients.

2. Rafiqi’s Food Cart 🌭

Rafiqi’s Food Cart is a staple of New York City’s street food scene. In this episode, the hosts tried their hot dog, a classic American street food. Rafiqi’s offers a simple yet satisfying hot dog that’s perfect for a quick bite on the go.

1. Arnie & Ebony Catering 🍤

The final stop was Arnie & Ebony Catering, a food truck that offers a variety of dishes. The hosts tried their fried shrimp, potato salad, and baked mac & cheese. The fried shrimp is a crispy, flavorful dish that seafood lovers will enjoy, while the potato salad and baked mac & cheese offer a comforting, home-cooked taste.

So, if you’re in NYC and craving some street food, make sure to visit these food trucks. Whether you’re a fan of Middle Eastern cuisine, Mexican food, classic American dishes, or seafood, there’s something for everyone. Happy food truck hunting! 🚚🍴

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