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5 Amazing Benefits of Mango for Diabetes

The uncertainty about the benefits of mango for diabetes is real as there are a plethora of myths about diabetic fruit choices.

Mangoes are a treat for taste buds in summer. But, despite its excellent nutritional profile, is mango good for diabetics? Surprisingly, the answer is a yes.

You can devour your favorite fruit but within limits.

Diabetics can safely eat any food with a glycemic index below 55.

And the glycemic index of mango is approximately 51, which makes it a safe fruit for people with high blood sugar levels.

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Let’s unravel the benefits of mango for diabetes and how the pulpy fruit offers a load of nutritional value to diabetic patients:

Nutritional Value of Mangoes

Mango is a cholesterol-free, sodium-free, and fat-free delight. Containing over 20 vital vitamins and minerals, mango is a real superfood.

According to FDC Report, consuming a cup (165 g) of raw pulpy mangoes delivers:

A cup of mango fulfills the daily nutritional need for several essentials vitamins and nutrients:

Here are 5 benefits of mango for diabetes that will blow your mind:

1. High In Fiber Content

Diabetics struggling with obesity are recommended to lose weight to prevent health complications.

Mangoes are fiber-rich fruits that not only keep your blood sugar levels in check but also promote satiety. The fiber content keeps you feeling fuller for longer hours.

A mango before 5 pm can spike your energy levels to keep you going all day. It curbs unwanted sugar cravings and prevents mood swings.

Thus, mangoes are juicy besides a ‘weight loss diet plan of a diabetic’.

Note: Be sure to keep your daily caloric count within limits for weight loss.

2. Improve Immunity

A cup of mango has no fat, low carbs, no sodium, and high fiber. Additionally, it contains antioxidants that improve gut health and boost immunity. For diabetics, a strong immune response is essential to prevent complications in case of injury.

3. Increase Good Gut Bacteria

Mangoes contain a good amount of insoluble and soluble fibers. These ferment in the small intestine to increase the production of good gut bacteria. Thus, mangoes are good for excellent gut health for diabetics.

4. Contains Simple Carbs

Mangoes are a more nutritious option for diabetics than sugary drinks and processed foods. They are high in fiber and protein content that reduces the excess release of glucose in the blood.

In fact, raw mango for diabetes is a healthier option than mango juices and smoothies.

5. Controls Blood Sugar Levels

Mango leaf extracts are as beneficial for diabetics as the pulpy mangoes are.

Mango leaves contain mangiferin that can inhibit the enzyme ‘alpha glucosidase’. It is necessary for lowering carbohydrate metabolism in the intestines and, thus, blood sugar levels.

Mango leaves improve insulin production. It is also packed with pectin, vitamin C, and fiber, which are beneficial for diabetes and cholesterol.

Thus, mango leaves can be an addition to a diabetic diet.

But, more research is still in process to determine the number of mango leaves to be consumed in a day.

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Mango for Diabetes

Is it Safe to Eat Mangoes for Diabetes?

Yes, diabetics can add mangoes to their diabetic diet. Mango is a nutrient-packed, calorie-dense fruit that delivers two forms of sugar: fructose and glucose. Although glucose has a higher tendency to spike your blood sugar levels mangoes have low glucose content. Moreover, both the sugars are easy on the gut and are absorbed.

Mango and Type-2 Diabetes: Is it Safe?

People with type-2 diabetes should NOT eat mangoes when their blood sugar levels are high.

In case of high glucose levels, mangoes should only be consumed in moderation. Eating mango every day will add up calories and sugar intake and will store as fat in the body.

And, excess body fat opens the pathway for a host of chronic diseases such as heart disease, dementia, and stroke.

Final Verdict

The benefits of mango for diabetes are undeniable. Unlike the unproven myths about mangoes as harmful to diabetics, they are super healthy and nutritious fruits that diabetics can enjoy.

Key Takeaways

It is highly recommended to first check your blood sugar levels before adding mango to the daily diet. You should not eat more than 1-2 mangoes a day. If consuming, you must eat it before 5 pm.

Mangoes are calorie-dense fruit. Make sure to add these calories to your diabetic diet.


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