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5 Hot and Sour Dinner Soups for Pregnancy Nausea

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, but it often comes with the challenge of nausea, especially during dinner. To help you navigate these moments, we’ve crafted a unique collection of 5 hot and sour soups. These soups are not just a culinary delight; they’re thoughtfully prepared to provide nausea relief, thanks to their warm, soothing broths and the gentle acidity of sour ingredients. Each recipe is a blend of flavors and nutrients, carefully chosen to offer comfort and nourishment to expectant mothers.

Exploring the Anti-Nausea Ingredients:
Hot and sour soups leverage ingredients like ginger, which is renowned for its nausea-combating properties, and lemon, whose natural acidity can help settle the stomach. Tamarind, with its unique sour taste, is another key ingredient that aids in digestion and alleviates nausea. The warmth of the soup helps in relaxing the stomach, while the sourness can trigger saliva production, aiding in digestion and reducing the feeling of nausea.


  1. Ginger Miso Soup
  • Ingredients: Fresh ginger slices, miso paste, silken tofu, wakame seaweed, green onions, and a dash of soy sauce.
  • Nutritional Highlight: Ginger’s properties are ideal for combating nausea, and miso is a probiotic-rich ingredient, aiding in gut health.
  • Preparation: Simmer ginger slices in water to create a ginger-infused broth. Dissolve miso paste in a separate bowl with some broth to prevent clumping, then combine with the ginger broth. Add tofu, seaweed, and green onions for a simple yet flavorful soup that soothes the stomach.
  1. Lemon Coriander Soup
  • Ingredients: Fresh lemon juice, chopped coriander, vegetable stock, diced carrots, peas, and finely chopped ginger.
  • Nutritional Highlight: Lemon’s refreshing acidity and coriander’s fresh taste make this soup a perfect anti-nausea remedy.
  • Preparation: Boil the vegetables in stock until soft. Add lemon juice, coriander, and ginger towards the end, keeping the flavors bright and fresh. This light soup is ideal for evenings when heavier meals might seem unappealing.
  1. Spicy Tomato Soup
  • Ingredients: Ripe tomatoes, a small amount of chili flakes, minced garlic, basil leaves, and vegetable stock.
  • Nutritional Highlight: Tomatoes are packed with vitamins and antioxidants, while the mild heat from the chili can stimulate digestion.
  • Preparation: Sauté garlic and chili flakes, then add crushed tomatoes and simmer. Finish with basil and a splash of stock for a comforting, tangy soup that offers a gentle kick, stimulating digestion and helping alleviate nausea.
  1. Hot and Sour Vegetable Soup
  • Ingredients: Rice vinegar, soy sauce, sliced mushrooms, bamboo shoots, tofu, and a hint of white pepper.
  • Nutritional Highlight: The combination of vinegar and soy sauce creates a classic hot and sour flavor that stimulates the taste buds and can help ease nausea.
  • Preparation: Combine vegetables, tofu, and bamboo shoots in a rich broth seasoned with vinegar and soy sauce. The soup’s warmth and tangy flavor make it a great dinner option for those struggling with evening nausea.
  1. Tamarind Soup with Vegetables
  • Ingredients: Tamarind paste, a medley of vegetables like bell peppers and spinach, and mild spices.
  • Nutritional Highlight: Tamarind, known for its tangy flavor, is excellent for digestion and reducing nausea.
  • Preparation: Create a tamarind base by mixing the paste with warm water, then adding it to a pot of sautéed vegetables. Season lightly to keep the flavors gentle yet effective for nausea relief.

Incorporating these hot and sour soups into your dinner routine can be a delightful way to manage pregnancy-induced nausea. Each recipe brings its unique blend of flavors and health benefits, ensuring that you not only enjoy your meal but also feel better after eating.

Engagement Invitation:
We’re eager to hear about your journey through pregnancy and the foods that have helped you along the way. Have you found particular flavors or recipes that ease your nausea? Your shared experiences are valuable and can help other expectant mothers find comforting solutions.


  1. Why are hot and sour soups good for pregnancy nausea? The warmth of the soup soothes the stomach, while sour flavors can help reduce feelings of nausea.
  2. Can these soups help with hydration during pregnancy? Yes, soups are an excellent way to stay hydrated, which is crucial during pregnancy.
  3. Are these soups safe for all trimesters? Generally, yes, but always check with your healthcare provider.
  4. How often can I consume these soups? You can enjoy these soups as needed, especially when experiencing nausea.
  5. Can I freeze these soups for later use? Most of these soups freeze well, making them convenient for later meals.
  6. Are the soups in this post suitable for vegetarians? Many are, and others can be easily adapted to a vegetarian diet.
  7. How do these soups help with evening nausea? Their warming nature and gentle flavors are comforting and can help settle the stomach.
  8. Can I add more protein to these soups? Absolutely, you can customize the recipes to increase their protein content.
  9. Do these soups provide enough nutrients for my baby? While nutritious, these soups should be part of a balanced diet to ensure comprehensive nutrition.
  10. Can I make these soups spicier or less sour? Yes, adjust the spices and sour elements to suit your taste preferences during pregnancy.

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