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8 Mind-blowing Benefits of Garlic for Skin & Hair

Garlic: Not Just a Medicinal Beast for Health, But A Miracle for Skin and Hair too!

Ever come up with a crazy question like ‘Is garlic good for your skin and hair? You must have laughed that out.

Although popularly known for enhancing the flavor and aroma of your cuisines, garlic cloves can do wonders to your skin and hair.

What makes garlic an all-rounder? A flavor-boosting, antibiotic and antifungal ingredient with tons of health and ‘beauty benefits’—thanks to allicin, sulfur, zinc, and calcium.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s unravel if garlic for skin and hair is a real deal or not, we bet you’ll head to your kitchen once you know what garlic cloves are worth.

1. Delays Aging

Early signs of aging occur due to stress (triggering oxidative stress), inflammations, unhealthy eating or sleeping habits, and unprotected exposure to damaging UV rays.

Oxidative stress leads to cell damage and inflammatory response causing fine lines and wrinkles. The anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory compounds in garlic scavenge cell-damaging free radicals. It also prevents inflammation and lowers stress. Rather, studies show that garlic induced skin cell synthesis in lab tests.

Garlic also contains S-allyl cysteine that protects your skin against UV damage.

How to Take Garlic to Delay Aging? Take an organic garlic clove with lemon and honey on empty stomach.

2. Cures Acne

The anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties of garlic make it the perfect remedy for acne, pimples, and inflammation. As acne occurs due to clogged pores, bacterial infections, or toxins, garlic is the best home remedy to cure acne fast.

When you apply garlic to acne, it kills bacteria inside the pore and reduces inflammation.

Here’s the Simple Trick: To use on cystic acne, take a few drops of garlic extract diluted in honey and apply it with a cotton ball. Let it get absorbed for 5 minutes and then wash off.

Not only that, garlic for skin and hair is a potent remedy for acne marks, dark spots, and blemishes as well.

3. Treats Psoriasis

Psoriasis leads to itchy, scaly, shedding skin. Although incurable as it is an autoimmune skin ailment, garlic helps reduce the symptoms of the disease.

As garlic is a potent anti-inflammatory agent, many skin experts recommend its usage. But, there’s little research on it.

4. Promotes Hair Growth

Be it post-pregnancy hair fall, stress hair loss, or anything else, crushed garlic for skin and hair boosts collagen production that stimulates hair growth.

Garlic deep cleanses your hair follicles, one of the reasons for reduced hair growth. Research also found that garlic extract coupled with betamethasone valerate can reduce hair loss.

Quick Home Remedy: Mix crushed clove with lukewarm coconut oil and apply to the roots. Let it sit for half an hour before washing.

5. Fades Away Stretch Marks

Stretch marks sound like a nightmare, and we all wish for them to get completely invisible. Well, that’s not possible.

One of the most effective at-home remedies to fade stretch marks is hot oil massage with garlic cloves extract. It’s best to use coconut oil or mustard oil they are helpful in reducing stretch marks as well.

6. Strengthens Nails

Long, strong nails are personality enhancers. If your nails are brittle and weak, rubbing a clove of garlic onto nails will strengthen nails, boost nail growth and prevent discoloration of nails. Well, that’s a complete manicure, right?

The credit goes to the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of garlic. Rather if you have nail fungus, treat it with garlic cloves.

7. Prevents Blackheads

Blackheads form due to the clogging of pores with sebum, dirt, and makeup residue. Usually, blackheads are prominent in oily skin types due to excess production of sebum and oil.

Garlic contains oil-controlling ingredients known as polyphenols. These help in preventing blackheads.

Applying garlic with tomato paste to T-zone is an easy trick to control excess oil production and reduce blackheads. Rather, the mask helps close open pores, lowering the chances of post-makeup acne breakouts.

8. Treats Dandruff

The anti-fungal properties of dandruff make it an effective treatment of dandruff. Not only that, Garlic helps deep cleanse your scalp without having to apply shampoos.

You can either rub the clove into the scalp or boil them in water to rinse your hair. Repeat 2-3 times a week for quick results.

Final Verdict

Garlic for skin and hair is a boon. Take organic garlic for the best results. Once you will try garlic to solve your acne, dandruff, and hair loss troubles, you will never want to go back to pharmaceutical alternatives.

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