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8 Benefits of Saunf or Fennel Seeds

Fennel (Foeniculum Vulgare Miller), a pleasant-smelling herb is found throughout the world and is often used in cooking as a spice. This not only adds flavour to the dish with its sweet and woody flavour but also acts as a digestive. Fennel seeds and the oil extracted from it are used to make medicine. In India, if you notice, people chewing fennel seeds post-meal, that is primarily because of its digestive properties and also because it acts as a mouth freshener. Moreover, Ayurveda states that the use of fennel as medicines reduces all three TRI DOSHA – VATA, PITTA and KAPHA.

Thus, at Masala Monk, we have come up with a range of products that has fennel seeds in it. Select your favourite homemade products and enjoy the benefit of fennel seeds through some flavourful dishes. But before that, here is a quick view of the benefits of fennel seeds:

  • Natural digestive solution for issues like bloating, loss of appetite, colic, heartburn, and intestinal gas
  • Fennel relaxes the colon and decreases respiratory tract secretions which act like estrogen in the body
  • The presence of nitrates in fennel seeds helps maintain cardiovascular health
  • It acts as a cure for cough, bronchitis, diarrhoea, upper respiratory tract infection, menstrual disorders, and constipation
  • Loaded with vitamins, fennel seeds are also beneficial in eye problems
  • It acts as a mouth freshener, while relieves gum disease or toothache
  • Fennel has a cooling effect on the body and comes very handy during summers
  • It contains a high dose of essential oils such as anethole, estragole, and fenchone, much needed by your body

And below the list of Masala Monk products that has fennel seeds in it:

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