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4 Ways to Eat Coriander Seeds for Weight Loss

If You’ve Struck a Weight-Loss Plateau, Coriander Seeds for Weight Loss Can Be the Needle Mover for You.

Weight loss isn’t a cakewalk. It takes daily workouts, and the right foods to get your body shedding fat like crazy.

While you may not know but coriander isn’t only good for garnishing. Apart from making your cuisines look appetizing, coriander or dhania or Cilantro is fibre rich herb that helps you cut the flab.

We have unearthed the deeper secrets of coriander seeds that help you improve digestion, burn fat and stick to your diet plans.

Nutritional Potency of Coriander Seeds

A 4g serving of coriander contains:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Iron
  • Sodium (2mg)
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium (20.8mg)
  • 0 fat/carbs

In totality, coriander is an excellent source of potassium as well as vitamins A and K. It also acts as a vital folic acid supplement in your diet.

How do Coriander Seeds Help You Lose Weight?

Coriander seeds aid with weight loss by accelerating the fat-burning process during exercise and even throughout the day. It’s because coriander seeds contain a compound that alters the rate of lipid metabolism in your body. This results in more fat burn than fat storage around the belly or thigh areas.

According to research, consuming only 2g of coriander powder each day can significantly boost lipid metabolism in your body.

Ultimately, your body not only stops storing excess fat but melts away more stored fat during and after the workout.

On top of faster fat burn, there are several other benefits of coriander seeds for weight loss.

1. Boosts Metabolism

Coriander seeds have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for ages for their digestive benefits. These help in boosting your metabolism and increase your energy levels. Thus, on days when you work out, you will be building more muscle and burning more fat.

2. Increases Carbohydrate Breakdown

We all think of a bland, carb-free diet when it comes to weight loss. But, here’s a way around it: add potassium-rich foods to your diet. Potassium helps break down carbohydrates into energy rather than fat. That’s why we use coriander seeds for weight loss as it is rich in potassium.

The best part: Even if you have a cheat meal with high-carb foods, your body will use up the carbs for producing energy.

3. High Fiber Content

Coriander seeds are rich in fibre, which promotes the feeling of satiety for longer. Moreover, as it requires more energy to break down fibre, more stored fat is converted to energy to metabolize it.

4. Detoxifies Body

Coriander seeds have strong chelating properties that help in cleansing your body of toxins and heavy metals. The carotenoids, terpenoids, and polyacetylenes flush out harmful free radicals and toxins from your body. With regular body detoxification, you can shed 5 to 20 pounds of your weight.

5. Improves Digestion

Coriander helps prevent stomach cramps and bloat. According to health experts, coriander water prevents the rising of bad gases in the brain (often causing severe headaches).

Pharmaceutical medicine now uses coriander and its oil as carminatives.

4 Ways You Can Use Coriander Seeds for Weight Loss

1. Coriander Seeds Tea

Coriander seeds water is an herbal weight loss drink you can prepare at home. It helps with digestion as well as lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

To prepare, boil a tsp of coriander seeds in a glass of water for 2-3 minutes. When the water changes colour, turn off the stove. Strain and drink the coriander tea on empty stomach every day to see the results within 2 weeks.

2. Coriander, Mint, and Lemon Drink

This is what we call a perfect weight loss drink. Lemon offers enormous energy while coriander offers potent antioxidants for weight loss.

To prepare, take fresh coriander and mint leaves and grind them to extract the juice. Add 1-2 glasses of water, a bit of lemon and salt to kick-start the fat-loss process (even when you aren’t gyming).

3. Dry Roast Coriander Seeds

Dry roast coriander seeds for weight loss benefits. Crush them to powder form and add them to your curries, salads, and smoothies for better digestion.

4. Soak Overnight Coriander Seeds

To prepare, soak 1 tbsp of coriander seeds in a cup of water overnight. Strain the seeds the next morning and enjoy on empty stomach to gear up your metabolic processes.

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6 ways to use Lemon to Reduce Belly Fat

Thousands of people use lemon to reduce belly fat, but is it the truth? Is drinking lemon water on an empty stomach helpful in cutting belly bulge?

Lemon juice is packed with minerals, vitamins, and fibers to improve your overall health. On top of boosting your immunity, the polyphenols in lemons target that stubborn belly fat you detest.

To save you time, we have done extensive research to find out about the effectiveness and safety of lemon to reduce belly fat:

Can Lemon Help You Reduce Belly Fat?

One lemon offers half of your daily recommended dosage of vitamin C, which is essential to reduce the release of cortisol-the stress hormones. With increased stress, most people tend to eat more leading to unwanted flab.

According to research, lemons are a great source of polyphenols that prevent fat accumulation and excess weight gain.

Surprisingly, not only lemons but the peel is vital for your weight loss journey. The lemon peel contains pectin, a soluble fiber, which helps you feel satiated for longer.

Above all, lemon water is a low-calorie drink. A glass of fresh lemon water contains as many as 6 calories. This makes lemon juice an excellent alternative to orange juice or lemon soda.

6 Ways to Use Lemon to Reduce Belly Fat

To lose weight, you don’t have to drink lemon water every single day. Rather, to relish its weight loss benefits, there are tons of ways:

1. Honey and Lemon

Lemon and honey aid in weight loss. Honey—the natural sugar—when consumed in the morning naturally boosts your energy levels, prevents bloating, activates the digestive system, and increases fat burn. In addition, honey is an effective antidiabetic agent.

To prepare, add one lemon and a teaspoon of honey in a glass of warm water. It’s best to drink on empty stomach to activate digestion.

2. Lemon, Ginger, Cucumber, and Mint

The nutrient-packed detox drink will nourish your body and keep you fully hydrated. The combination of vitamin C and antioxidants helps boost metabolism. The detox drink flushes out toxins to speed up weight loss.

To prepare, dice a lemon and a cucumber into thin slices, and grate a teaspoon of ginger. Add the slices, ginger powder, and half a cup of mint leaves in a jug containing 6 glasses of water. Let it sit overnight. Enjoy it the next day. Continue it for 4 to 5 weeks to witness visible weight loss results.

3. Lemon Green Tea

In a study, participants who had 4 to 5 cups of green tea every day alongside half an hour of workout lose more weight than those who didn’t have green tea.

Moreover, green tea is rich in polyphenols that help with weight loss and even prevent heart disease. However, studies reveal that most polyphenols are broken down before they reach the bloodstream. Studies have found lemon to act as a protective agent for polyphenols to maximize its benefits. That’s a win-win.

4. Lemon and Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is rich in capsaicin, a natural metabolism booster. It can help to curb appetite and burn calories throughout the day. Lemon with cayenne pepper is a deadly combination to activate the fat loss process.

To prepare, add one lemon juice and half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper to a glass of warm water. Stir well and drink it once a day.

5. Lemon Ginger Tea

Ginger and lemon help detoxify your body and aid with faster weight loss. These help your body melt away fat without becoming deficient in essential minerals, vitamins, and nutrients.

You can also add ginger and lemon to green tea as it also improves digestion and melts away stubborn belly fat. The combination of ginger, lemon, and green tea prevents fat from accumulating around the belly, boosts immunity, and keeps you well-hydrated.

You can simply add lemon and grated ginger to boiled water to prepare a detox drink. Or you can squeeze half a lemon and grated ginger into your green tea.

Final Verdict

You can use lemon to reduce belly fat along with following a workout and diet plan. Solely drinking lemon water without diet will only benefit your overall well-being.

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4 Benefits of Flax Seeds for Weight Loss

Planning For a Weight Loss Diet? You Cannot Skip on Flax Seeds!

The teeny-tiny nutritional powerhouses are popular for their weight loss benefits. On top of their impressive health benefits, these miracle seeds can help you shed pounds faster.

Flax seeds, also called ‘Alsi ke Beej’ in India, are brown-golden seeds taken from flax plants. They are rich sources of antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and fiber, together these ingredients boost weight loss.

Let’s unravel if you can use flax seeds for weight loss, its safety, and side effects:

Nutritional Value of Flaxseeds

According to the US Department of Agriculture, a tablespoon of flaxseeds is packed with:

  • 37.4 calories
  • 1.28g protein
  • 2.95g fat
  • 1.91g fiber
  • 2.02g carbs

As for nutritional potency, here’s what it contains:

  • 27.4mg magnesium
  • 56.9mg potassium
  • 17.8mg calcium
  • 44.9mg phosphorus
  • 6.09mcg folate
  • 45.6mcg zeaxanthin and lutein

Also, it also offers tyrosine, lignans, tryptophan, tyrosine, valine, and healthy fats.

Let’s look at the 4 Benefits of Flaxseeds for Weight Loss:

1. Prevents Constipation

Being a good source of soluble and insoluble fiber, flax seeds not only keep you feeling satiated for longer but regulate digestive functions. The insoluble fiber promotes good gut bacteria to grow. This helps improve metabolism and prevent constipation.

2. Protein Power Pack

Flax seeds are full of proteins. Surprisingly, it delivers all 8 kinds of essential amino acids, which makes the seeds a complete protein pack.

3. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Flax seeds contain a good amount of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acid (or alpha-linolenic acid) and omega-6 fatty acid (or linoleic acid). These anti-inflammatory fatty acids prevent obesity and promote metabolism. Moreover, omega-3 fatty acids are heart-healthy and prevent many ailments such as type II diabetes and cancer.

4. Prevent Obesity

Flaxseeds have more than 800 times more lignans than other plants, which are rich in estrogen and antioxidants. The antioxidants combat free oxygen radicals that are responsible for cell damage and inflammation.

A Nutrition Journal published research also confirmed that consuming about 40g of flaxseed powder reduces inflammation and prevents diabetes. Inflammation is one of the major reasons behind obesity, insulin resistance, and diabetes.

Lignans also help you lose weight by improving the functions of fat-metabolizing cells.

3 Other Health Benefits of Flax Seeds

Some of the complimentary health benefits of flax seeds will make you add these to your diet:

1. Improved Cholesterol

People struggling with obesity often experience bad cholesterol. According to research, regular use of flax seeds improves good cholesterol levels. It can help reduce your cholesterol with regular use.

2. Reduced Waistline

Flax seeds are the perfect diet food to lose inches. In a study, participants with metabolic syndrome and healthy individuals consumed flaxseeds regularly. Both groups showed a significant decrease in the waistline. So, the tiny nutrient-rich seeds can help loosen up those pants for real.

3. Low-Calorie Count

A tablespoon of flaxseeds (crushed) contains as much as 55 calories. On the brighter side, the nutrition lighthouse delivers 18g of protein and an ample amount of dietary fiber to promote satiety for longer. Thus, due to calorie deficit, your body burns stored fat, melting away extra pounds.

How to Use Flaxseed for Weight Loss?

It’s best to add flax seeds in cereals, snacks, and meals that are rich in healthy fats and protein. It improves satiety and slows down the breakdown of flaxseeds energizing you for longer. But be sure to stay hydrated throughout the day to prevent constipation.

You can also eat or prepare a flaxseed drink to have on an empty stomach. The morning snack will activate your digestive system to absorb all your food nutrients and keep you active throughout the day.

How Much Flaxseed to Eat for Weight Loss?

Most studies have found that consuming 30g of whole flaxseeds over a period of 12 weeks is effective for weight loss. The weight loss seeds are effective for obese or overweight individuals, who are struggling with stubborn fat or unhealthy habits of overeating.

Final Verdict

Flax seeds for weight loss are the healthiest and most proven snacks to promote satiety and prevent overeating. Eating these first thing in the morning not only kick-starts the weight loss process but gives you a great energy boost. Also, eating flaxseeds will help improve your health and well-being in tons of ways.

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Is it Safe to eat Cumin during Pregnancy?

The safety of eating Cumin during Pregnancy is Questionable!

Cumin is commonly added to Indian cuisines, but is it truly safe to eat cumin during pregnancy?

Although a common household spice, there is a lack of adequate research on whether it’s safe when pregnant. Some experts suggest cumin to counter morning sickness. Yet, flatulence and even bleeding can possibly happen due to the overconsumption of cumin seeds.

Another school of thought comes from some cultures that believe cumin can induce abortion. Some women claim that cumin causes preterm labor. But, no scientific research backs up these claims.

On the brighter side, cumin has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It eases the symptoms of nausea and vomiting during the first trimester.

Cumin—The Potent Spice

Cumin is present in both whole seed and ground form. It is a common ingredient in Asian and South Eastern cuisines. Its essential oil is also used for various purposes.

There are two varieties of cumin—black cumin and regular cumin. They have different flavors. Black cumin is a little sweeter but smoky in taste compared to regular cumin. It’s rarely available too.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, a teaspoon of cumin seeds offers:

  • About 8 calories
  • 0.4 g protein
  • 0.47 g fat
  • 0.93 g carbs

And it also delivers great nutritional value:

  • 1.4 mg iron
  • 19.6 mg calcium
  • 7.69 mg magnesium

Benefits of Eating Cumin During Pregnancy

Cumin seeds are healthy for weight loss but not for pregnant women. It’s recommended to consume in small amounts to avoid any risks.

According to research in the Child Nursing Branch in Chennai, having cumin water during pregnancy provides relief from constipation. It also helps with the feelings of nausea.

The study also concludes that cumin also helps increase lactation in women after pregnancy. As cumin is a good source of calcium and iron so it increases milk production in lactating women.

Research conducted at the National Centre of Biotechnology and Information found that black cumin seeds contain ethanol extracts, which had therapeutic effects on pregnant rats suffering from preeclampsia.

Is it Safe to Eat Cumin During Pregnancy?

Cumin is safe during pregnancy but in moderate amounts. Cumin has a warm effect on internal body temperature. Health experts suggest being cautious of eating too much cumin as it can interact with your medicines.

Is Cumin Water Safe During Pregnancy?

Cumin water can cause pre-term contractions in pregnant women. Being a warm spice, it may increase body heat or cause heartburn. Some women use it when the delivery date is past due to induce labor. Thus, doctors tell against drinking excess cumin water.

Does Cumin Tea Induce Labor?

Like cumin water, cumin can cause body heat to build up inducing labor. Moreover, there is a lack of adequate evidence on the safety of cumin tea during breastfeeding or pregnancy. Also, in Tunisian culture, consuming cumin caused abortions. So, it’s not recommended in moderation either.

How much Cumin is Safe to Eat when Pregnant?

According to the IOSR Journal of Pharmacy, a healthy individual can eat 3g of cumin in a day. If you are pregnant or intend to do it, it’s recommended to eat less than the given amount. It is best to consume cumin for a short time, instead of regular intake.

Final Verdict

Cumin seeds are one of the spices to avoid during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester. It’s better to add it in moderate quantities in curries and rice.

Consuming Cumin often reduce the feeling of nausea and vomiting. But, it is not recommended by NHS either.

Side Effects of Jeera Water during Pregnancy

Consuming cumin water or cumin during pregnancy is beneficial only if taken in the right amounts. If it’s only added in small amounts to curries, it is safe for pregnant women. But there are several possible side effects of eating excessive cumin during pregnancy.

  • Having cumin in excess may cause heartburn in patients with GERD.
  • An excess of cumin water causes discomfort associated with flatulence and burps.
  • High intake of cumin has a direct impact on body heat, which may affect the baby’s health or induce labor.
  • Extra cumin intake may damage kidneys and liver.
  • Women often have low blood sugar levels during the first trimester of pregnancy. Cumin can further lower blood sugar levels.
  • During the first trimester, cumin may cause bleeding or miscarriage.
  • As for black cumin oil, excess use can lead to proteinuria and hypertension.

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5 Benefits of Ginger for Weight Loss

Using ginger for weight loss helps you achieve a healthy weight faster.

Ginger is added to Indian curries, rice, and everyday cuisines. It works by reducing inflammation, promoting satiety, and improving metabolism. These properties aid in weight loss faster.

In a recent review, published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, the findings of 60 studies were examined and they found positive effects of ginger and its constituents against obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, and associated disorders.

An all-rounder it is! Let’s discover the benefits of ginger for weight loss, its safety limits, and side effects:

1. Promotes Satiety

Ginger tea or water makes you feel fuller for longer. According to a study, 10 participants had 2g of ginger powder mixed in warm water for three weeks. The results revealed that the participant felt satiated for longer after having the ginger drink.

The results further found that the participants experienced a caloric burn of about 43 kcal after the ginger drink. But, the scope of the study is limited, and further studies are needed.

2. Helps Reduce Inflammation

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties. A few small-scale studies found that those who add ginger drinks to their regular diet experience less post-workout inflammatory pain compared to a placebo group.

Moreover, obesity is a chronic form of inflammation. Thus, ginger can prevent excess weight gain.

3. Increases Fat Burn

Research conducted in Korea found potent effects of ginger extract on obese people. Those who added ginger extracts to their regular diets burnt more fat than the placebo group.

One reason behind added fat burn is ginger helps you feel satiated for a longer duration. Ginger intake also curbs the habit of overeating, creating a calorie deficit that causes weight loss.

4. Antioxidant Properties

Ginger contains antioxidant potency to combat free radicals damage, causing oxidative stress. It’s proven that obesity increases oxidative stress and inflammation within your body.

The antioxidant potential prevents cardiovascular diseases, diabetes type 2, and cancer. This property may not cause weight loss, but prevents diseases associated with obesity.

5. Decreases Waistline

Ginger not only helps reduce weight but decreases the waist-to-hip ratio. An analytical review of studies found that ginger helps in reducing BMI and targets belly fat.

How Can Ginger Help with Weight Loss?

Ginger contains vital compounds ‘shogaols’ and ‘gingerols’. When you consume ginger water or ginger extracts, gingerols stimulate many biological activities in the body. These have anti-obesity effects, helping you digest food faster. Moreover, it is also suggested that gingerols help stabilize blood sugar levels which makes losing weight easier. Moreover, it also prevents pre-diabetics from developing diabetes.

Whereas shogaols are believed to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Also, in comparison with fresh ginger or ginger extract, dried ginger powder is highly concentrated with shogaols. Thus, it has a stronger potential to help you lose weight.

3 Proven Weight Loss Ginger Drinks That Actually Work

1. Lemon and Ginger for Weight Loss

Lemon is a natural appetite suppressant while ginger promotes satiety for longer. This helps in creating a calorie deficit that makes the body burn stored fat.

Prepare your regular ginger tea or ginger drink and add fresh lemon juice to it. These two potent weight-loss ingredients help you lose weight in no time.

2. Green Tea and Ginger for Weight Loss

Green tea itself aids in weight loss. Antioxidants in green tea combat oxidative stress and also boosts metabolism. While ginger quickens the fat-burning process. Thus, it makes a proven weight loss drink.

To prepare, you can add ginger extract to your green tea. Drink the weight loss beverage once or twice a day to start losing weight faster.

3. Cinnamon and Ginger for Weight Loss

Cinnamon contains antioxidants like cinnamaldehyde that help in reducing inflammation associated with obesity. While ginger has its own anti-obesity benefits.

For preparation, add a piece of ginger and cinnamon to boiling water. Sip on it before meals to promote digestion and prevent acidity. You can also add a little honey to make it an immune-boosting drink.

How Much Ginger to Consume for Weight Loss?

It is safe to add only half a teaspoon of ginger powder to ginger tea, ginger water, or detox drinks for weight loss. Too much ginger powder can lead to indigestion.

Final Verdict

There’s lots of evidence in favor of ginger for weight loss. Ginger is a great supplement for those who struggle with belly fat, binge eating, or digestive issues.

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