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How does Gulkand help in Pregnancy?

This universe is a magical wonderland of creations, that has carefully curated a balanced ecosystem, to offer everything needed by the dwellers in it. The treasure hunt for the best quality food was started by the human race ever since its origination. Modern science has proved that traditional cooking ingredients were loaded with nutrition and each had its unique benefits to the human body. One such vital ingredient used for flavouring purpose in several dishes globally, especially in South Asia, was gulkand. This sweet preserve of rose petals was even used in many Ayurvedic medicines. Gulkand has numerous health benefits to offer your body, but did you know that this specific product can help pregnant women in various ways?

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That’s right, this rosy relish can be your best friend during pregnancy, by not only taking care of some of the vital nutrition needed by your body but also by satisfying your sweet cravings.

Here are seven reasons why you should consume gulkand during pregnancy.

  • Helps relieve constipation: Expecting mothers come across new body issues every day, and the most common problem is of constipation, which can also lead to haemorrhoids or piles. The sugar content in gulkand draws liquid in the intestine, helping fight constipation. It also reduces the swelling of the haemorrhoids by providing mild laxative action, lowering the pressure in the lower section of the large intestine. This allows easier passage of the stools and is highly effective for bleeding piles.
  • Helps cool down your body: Gulkand has cooling properties that can protect us from intense heat, better manage the perspiration system of the body, and keep body odour at bay.
An authentic rose experience
  • A huge source of antioxidant: Due to the presence of a high amount of antioxidant properties in it, gulkand act as a great powerful rejuvenator by inhibiting oxidation and counteracting the stored food products.
  • Natural acidity treatment: Consuming gulkand moderately every day may reduce stomach acidity, stomach heat, stomach ulcers and swollen intestines to improve your appetite and digestive system.
  • Soothes menstrual pain: Gulkand is beneficial for menstrual pain and is also a great energy booster because of the sugar content in it.
  • Acts as a natural purifier: Gulkand has antibacterial and antiviral properties that can remove toxins from the body to purify the blood, which is very important during pregnancy. Moreover, toxin-free blood can give you glowing and acne-free skin. It can boost the gut bacteria and help get rid of acne marks as well.
  • Best natural stress-buster: Pregnant women can experience high anxiety issues and gulkand eliminates stress by providing a calming effect on the nervous system, helping pregnant women get a sound sleep.

So if you are an expecting mother, grab few jars of pure and fresh gulkand for a guilt-free yet nutritional sweet ride. Just mix two teaspoons of Gulabo with milk or water and drink it daily after a couple of hours post-meal twice a day.

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An often asked question is – Does Gulkand increase Weight? Well I think with some confidence we can say – No Gulkand does not increase weight, given that you stick to a teaspoon or two a day. If you are having 2 teaspoons a day, you essentially would be consuming 1 Teaspoon of sugar, you can always count in that your Macros and Calorie intake and plan accordingly. We know it is delicious and as tasty tempted as you might be, eating the whole jar at once is highly NOT recommended.

Disclaimer: All being said and done, I must also state that diabetic patients must avoid gulkand since it is high in sugar content and it is advisable to consult your doctor before you start consuming gulkand during pregnancy.

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