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Is it safe to eat Turmeric During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is both a blissful and extremely emotional journey. And turmeric during pregnancy MIGHT BE a great mood-booster.

But, there’s a flip side to the coin too.

Although turmeric offers a plethora of health benefits. But its high doses during pregnancy may harm the fetus.

Turmeric powder, a common spice in Asian cuisines, is nature’s blessing. It is full of antioxidants.

Turmeric is a go-to herbal cure for most health problems. It beneficial for joint pain, headaches, colds, fatigue, depression, even cancer, etc.

Also, turmeric is not only added to curries and milk but is also consumed as capsules and supplements.

Turmeric is a resort for pregnant women when they face issues like aching joints, bloating, soreness, etc. Also, pregnant women resort to turmeric, due to its immune-boosting powers.

But, turmeric contains the active ingredient curcumin, which makes up 3% of its weight. Curcumin when ingested in a high dose can cause serious complications.

To answer all the questions brimming in your mind ‘how much turmeric is safe during pregnancy? ‘Are there any benefits of turmeric during pregnancy, and more, we have done science-backed research to guide you:

Let’s find out the 5 benefits of turmeric during pregnancy:

1. Reduces Inflammation

Turmeric has natural healing properties. According to Lizzy Swick, RDN, turmeric contains the antioxidant ‘curcumin’. It helps to ease inflammation and swelling in feet and joints in pregnant women. It also provides effective relief from back pain.

2. Eases Digestion

Turmeric boosts metabolic processes and prevents common digestive issues in pregnancy. Dr. Swick reveals that many pregnant women find relief from constipation after the use of turmeric.

Although turmeric helps in relieving symptoms of GERD, there’s a lack of research when it comes to turmeric as a savior for heartburn. If that’s what is keeping you up through the night.

3. Boosts Immunity

Pregnancy calls for a host of health issues sometimes. If you are struggling with weak immunity, turmeric is a natural cure for allergies, common cold, flu, etc.

4. Improves Mood

Mood swings and depression are common side effects of carrying a child. Turmeric powder helps reduce stress by boosting mood. A study showed that subjects who consumed curcumin has improved memory as well as mood compared to the placebo group.

Is Turmeric Safe During Pregnancy?

Turmeric during pregnancy is unsafe if taken in larger doses. Particularly, taking turmeric supplements and capsules is a huge red flag for pregnant women. It can cause serious health complications.

How Much Turmeric Is Safe During Pregnancy?

Health experts recommend consuming turmeric as a spice condiment. Adding it in a small amount to your curries and diet causes no harm.

The turmeric powder isn’t very high in curcumin; so, it’s safe in small amounts.

Is Turmeric Milk Safe During Pregnancy?

No, not at all. Turmeric miscarriage is no myth.

Here’s why?

Curcumin functions by mimicking the estrogen hormone that causes menstrual cramps and uterine contractions.

Thus, consuming turmeric milk (with a high dose of curcumin) can lead to premature birth and even miscarriage. Curcumin, when consumed in small amounts, is not usually absorbed by the body.

A recent animal study found a negative correlation between curcumin and pregnancy. But, more research is required to support the study.

Still, never mistake ‘natural’ for ‘safe’ when it comes to pregnancy diet.

Turmeric during pregnancy

How to Use Turmeric During Pregnancy?

Turmeric supplements and capsules are a big NO during pregnancy. Still, if you want to enjoy its wonderful mood-boosting and digestive health benefits, only add it to flavor your foods.

As dried turmeric powder has low curcumin content, you can add a little bit to your curries, grains, and vegetables.

You can prepare a warm glass of golden milk with it.

A sprinkle of turmeric powder would be a flavorful punch to your fruit smoothies or avocado delights.

Still, it’s highly recommended to consume it as a condiment during pregnancy.

Final Verdict

Whenever you consider adding food or spice to your diet, never have too much of it. Also, turmeric capsules or supplements are a huge misleading add-on to your pregnancy diet.

Hence, to relish the health benefits of turmeric during pregnancy, a pinch of powdered condiment will do the job.

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