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Lick it or Munch It, Your Brain Needs Almond!

As the saying goes…you are what you eat. If you are concerned about your health and keep a check on your regular diet, almond must be part of your food intake. I can sit and keep on blabbering about the health benefits of almond on regular consumption. But in this article, let’s discuss the positive effects of almond on the most important part of your body- brain. It is no secret that almond is packed with nutritional goodness which boosts memory skills and improves overall brain function. Maybe this is the reason why you were asked to eat almond as a kid so that you do well in academics and work environment. But almond is equally beneficial for elderlies. And if you are sick of munching on regular almond, prepare yourself a spread with 100 per cent pure almond butter since it has equal benefits.

5 Benefits of Almond Butter on Brain:

  • boosts memory skills and improves overall brain function
  • helps combat inflammation
  • helps delay age-related brain decline
  • fight conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and enhances memory
  • improves cognitive functions

Almond contains folate and fiber and vitamin E that release phytochemicals which act as antioxidants in the brain to combat inflammation. Moreover, the presence of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in almond helps delay age-related brain decline. Almond also controls the levels of ACh acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter in the brain that helps fight conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and enhances memory.

Almonds are most important nuts for your brain

Almonds are also loaded with vitamin B6 that acts as pyridoxine that helps aid the metabolism of proteins, which is then released for brain cell repair and improve cognitive functions. Vitamin B6 also promotes the production of neurotransmitter chemicals that improves communication between brain cells and reduces the rate of neurodegenerative diseases.

Zinc in almond prevents bacterial and viral infections that can damage the brain cells by boosting the immune system and thiamine helps the brain and nervous system convert glucose to energy.

So, if you had ever made the habit of munching a hand-full of almonds every day, never let it go. Or maybe replace it with a spoon full of pure almond butter, but make an effort to not miss it because no matter what you age is, your brain needs the goodness of almond.

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