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Mango Shrikhand: A Step-by-Step Recipe

Hello, food enthusiasts! 🍽️💕 Today, we’re going to explore a delightful Indian dessert that’s perfect for the summer season – Mango Shrikhand. And who better to guide us through this journey than the queen of Indian vegetarian recipes, Nisha Madhulika. With her easy-to-follow recipe videos and engaging content, Nisha Madhulika has become a household name in India and beyond. Today, we’re diving into one of her popular videos titled “Mango Shrikhand Recipe – How To Make Mango Shri Khand”.

Mango Shrikhand: A Summer Delight 🌞

Before we delve into the recipe, let’s talk about Mango Shrikhand. This dessert, made from fresh curd and mango pulp, is a staple in many Indian households during the summer. It’s known for its creamy texture and refreshing mango flavor, making it a perfect dessert to beat the summer heat. Moreover, it’s incredibly easy to prepare and can be a great way to enjoy the king of fruits – Mango!

The Health Benefits of Mango Shrikhand 🍏

Mango Shrikhand is not just a tasty dessert; it’s also packed with numerous health benefits. The fresh curd used in the recipe is a good source of protein and calcium, which are essential for bone health. The mango pulp is rich in vitamin C, which boosts immunity and keeps your skin healthy. Moreover, mangoes are also high in fiber, which aids digestion. So, while you’re enjoying this delicious dessert, you’re also nourishing your body!

Preparing Mango Shrikhand: Step-by-Step Guide 🍨

Now, let’s dive into the recipe as shared by Nisha Madhulika:

  1. Preparation: Start by preparing the curd. Tie the curd in a cloth and let all the water drain out. This will leave you with the thick part of the curd, which is used to prepare the Shrikhand.
  2. Grinding: Once the curd is ready, add it to a mixer jar along with mango pulp and powdered sugar. Grind everything finely and strain the mixture through a sieve. This will give you a smooth and creamy base for your Shrikhand.
  3. Mixing: Add the prepared mixture to a bowl. Add in some powdered cardamom, almonds, and pistachios. Mix everything well to combine.
  4. Serving: To serve the Mango Shrikhand, pour it into small bowls. Garnish with some more almonds and pistachios. Enjoy this refreshing dessert chilled!

This recipe is not just about making a dessert; it’s about enjoying the process and treating yourself to a homemade, refreshing, and healthy summer treat. So, why not give it a try?

If you enjoyed this recipe and want to explore more, do check out Nisha Madhulika’s YouTube channel for more culinary inspiration. And don’t forget to join our Facebook group of Vibrant and Engaging Food Lovers, where you can share your cooking experiments and results with a community of food enthusiasts.

Stay cool and refreshed this summer with Mango Shrikhand! 🥭🍨💕

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