Ammiji’s Chai Masala 100 gms

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An invigorating blend of aromatic spices – promising to take your ordinary cuppa to another level. Homemade with quality ingredients, this Chai Masala is definitely more addictive than chai itself.


Chai is an inseparable part of Indian life. Probably the most popular drink if the Indian subcontinent we all have our very special relationship with us. But then for some of us, it is like a ‘Ritual’ something sacred that we all look forward to and our Ammi Ji’s Chai masala is an ode, an offering in that Ritual. This blend is designed to elevate your Chai to the sacredness it deserves.

Made from the finest ingredients, and packed at home, this masala comes straight from Ammiji’s kitchen. Once you start adding it to your tea, you can’t have your tea without it. Yes, it’s that addictive. We recommend adding it to kheer, pancakes, ice creams, custard, cakes, and even nimbu paani! We know because our customers have told us so.


Green cardamom, cinnamon, star anise

Net Weight:

100 gm

Shelf Life:

12 months


We have a processing time of 7 to 14 days on all our products, however, it may take 3-4 weeks for final delivery depending on your location and pin code.

Classic Homemade Chai Masala
Ammiji’s Classic Chai Masala by Masala Monk.
Add the right flavor and colour to your chai
Taste the best tea with Masala Monk’s Chai Masala
Chai masala powder straight from Ammiji’s kitchen
A chai lover’s must-have
This is a homemade product, using finest spices.


Can be used for so many things other than chai!!
Make the best chai at home
Exactly the way we Indians want our chai.
For the perfect cup of chai
A blend of finest quality spices

Now also Available :

Digestoin, immunity or vitality?
A cup of chai is all you need to boost immunity or vitality or maybe to just keep your digestion under control.
For your Energy Booster chai
Energize your day with your morning cup of tea
Immunity boosting chai masala
How about you boost your energy with every sip of chai?
One for digestion
A correct blend of aroma and health.


Ammiji’s bag of magic holds more chai masala options. To try them all, grab our Ammiji’s Chai Masala Sampler Box.


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  • This is a Homemade blend processed and packaged by Family whose recipe it is 🙂


Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in

30 reviews for Ammiji’s Chai Masala 100 gms

  1. Anju (verified owner)

    Great product.. loved it !!

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  2. Ishita Jain (verified owner)

    The smell is addictive. Perfect blend of spices to make you fresh whole day. I am a Chai Lover but never had much chai in summers, but this masala made me had it every day. Just Loving it!! 🙂

    2 out of 2 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  3. Devashree Batham (verified owner)

    Chai with this masala is like an internal hug

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  4. Subodh Kumar Ghildiyal (verified owner)

    Excellent product

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  5. Nitin Arora (verified owner)

    Must try

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  6. Rishabh Agarwal (verified owner)

    The rating says it all. Good to have it in my store. Thank you.

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  7. Tulu Patnaik (verified owner)

    Very nice aroma. Light and subtle.

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  8. Himanshu Jain (verified owner)

    It was good. But not out of world

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  9. Shaik (verified owner)

    Ek number!

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  10. Keshav (verified owner)

    Words cannot describe the aroma of this chai masala.

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  11. Ranjot Thind (verified owner)

    i can’t drink normal tea now, it is that tasty. even the guests asks what have u put in the tea, its amazing.

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  12. Niti Tarneja (verified owner)

    A dash of Ammiji’s chai masala just enhances the flavour of the tea. I’m just loving it!

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  13. Mamta Dhama (verified owner)

    As per my taste it should be revised with more of cardomom and dried ginger powder. I find less taste of green cardomom.

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  14. Manjula Vijh (verified owner)

    Be it early morning, or, after a tiring day at work… a good steaming cup of tea is what a tea lover desires. I want my tea to be perfect, the milk, sugar and the aroma. Not a bit more, not a bit less! And Ammiji’s tea masala does this for me. This is for people who really wish to have a good flavor and aroma in their tea. I have tried tea masalas earlier but nothing is at par this one. As soon as you open the jar, you will feel an aroma from the blend of the finest spices. When you taste it, the sweet cinnamon and cardamom captures it all! And it’s just not a tea masala…Its love..! from the kitchen of Ammiji! You can feel the warmth of a traditional kitchen, the affection with which it’s made, and the perfection. And, it comes with a personalized note from Ms. Amrita Chatwal which will make you feel even more connected! A jar of absolute goodness!

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  15. Hema Shah

    Loved the customer service. Got the jar in broker condition, informed the management and they immediately shipped out another one for me without any cost.

    Besides that when I opened the package in my office, the entire floor was mesmerized by the aroma of this masala. Thanks to broker jar.

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  16. Rohan Shelke

    Bought one each for my Mom and Wife and I am such a happy man. A must order item frm masala monk collection.

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  17. Ritu Shrivastava (verified owner)

    Yes yes yes it does gives tea the required Indian flavour. Add a dash of chai masala and it opens the pores in brain of refreshment.

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  18. Manila Mahindra (verified owner)

    Fresh breeze soothes the body
    Ammiji’s Chai Masala soothes my soul

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  19. neeta.nayak84 (verified owner)

    As I drink ginger tea everyday, I kind of expected a level of hot spicy taste in my chai masala. Its a common practice in my city for chai masala to be hot in taste. THis chai masala however was surprise. First 2 days , i didn’t like it all missed the heat in my tea. After a week , I got used to its flavor and the fact that heat in masala is replaced by flavor with a tinge of heat. Now i am addicted to this now. One suggestion, would be helpful if the ingredients are mentioned in label.

    4 out of 4 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  20. Sundararajan T V (verified owner)

    The packing was very good with a personal note whic made it outstanding. The aroma of the masala fills the air once the jar is opened.

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  21. Stuti (verified owner)

    Having tea would never be the same old experience now.Ammiji Chai Masala is a perfect blend of spices,love and warmth .
    The personal note with it made it all the more special .
    Every time I have tea now….I feel really special…..because someone took the pain to select the spices…then hand grind them…packed it aesthetically and delivered it with love.

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  22. Tulu Patnaik (verified owner)

    How good it is is for the reader of the review to understand from the fact that it is now an integral part of our ‘chai’ twice a day. The second bottle already in stock. Can’t be missed a single day. Now for gifting.

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  23. Nitin Tekriwal

    Anything said would be an understatement for this blend, simply mindblowing , all i can say is experience it and say it

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  24. Gagandeep kaur (verified owner)

    Satisfied with the product

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  25. Yogendra Sharma (verified owner)

    Very strong cinnamon taste

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  26. Savitha Nagaraj (verified owner)

    Osme can’t drink the tea without ammiji.chai masala so addicted to it

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  27. Dr Rajesh Noah (verified owner)

    The touch / the connect / the response of the Company Contact person: 10/10 (Awesome)

    The packaging: excellent.
    The handwritten note: Wow! Do we say ‘High Emotional Intelligence or EQ. The writing: exquisite. Preserved it as a memento in my new diary. (2019).

    The contents: rich, concentrated, fragrant- and gives as well as confirms the ‘feeling’ of something precious and valuable- not run of the mill stuff. Quality comes at a cost – but, if the quality becomes the ‘gold standard’ in chai masalas – then one is not distracted by the cost. HVFM. High Value for money.

    Savor the cuppa – leisurely- one should not multitask. As connoisseurs Of wine, make wine tasting a ritual – here, we do the same with our tea brewed with ACM. Ammiji’s Chai Masala.

    Here is the photographic evidence- which obviously cannot convey the above mentioned magic!!

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Dr Rajesh Noah
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  28. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fantabulous to say the least

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  29. Priyanka Teri (verified owner)

    My winter comfort!!! Can’t tell you the number of cuppas that disappeared with this… Shyam ki chai Mummy ki gupshup party ka main leader!!!

    1 out of 2 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  30. Sukanya Ahlawat (verified owner)

    The most tastiest tea I had after so long

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