Anardana Atoms – Homemade Churan Goli

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Ayurvedic & digestive churan balls with dried Pomegranate prepared using 100 percent natural spices and herbs which is loved by people of all ages, and no one can stop with just one.

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The traditional Indian way of processing and preserving food has a lot to do with the remedies mentioned in ayurveda. And one of the most delicious blessings of ayurveda is churan balls, naturally made and processed digestive tablets, known for its healing properties. Churan balls are also loaded with strong yet mesmerizing flavors to freshen up your palate along with the digestive system.

Regain your appetite by these Irresistible flavorsome digestive balls
Homemade Anardana Churan Balls

As the ayurvedic recipes of different kinds of churan balls got passed over for many generations in India, I managed to grab some of the authentic recipes of churan balls to deliver the real goodness of chemical-free ayurvedic digestive solutions at your doorstep. Made with some of the best quality flavorsome, digestive spices, and natural ingredients. This range of homemade churan balls by Masala Monk will help you regain your appetite, fight indigestion problems, and cure other stomach disorders by regularizing bowel movement and adding the nutrition needed.

Select your favorite flavor of churan balls from a range of Kacha Aam Bombs, Anardana Bombs, Guava Bombs, Mango Bombs, and Heeng Aam Bombs and take care of your tummy in the most natural and delicious way possible. Anardana Bombs are effective remedies for acidity, indigestion, and flatulence. With zero side-effects and prepared using 100 percent natural spices and herbs, you can consume Anardana Bombs regularly for the best and long-term results. These sweet and sour natural digestive tables are loved by people of all ages and no one can stop with just one!

Available in wide range of flavor
Churan balls with the flavor of Kacha Aam Bombs, Anardana Bombs, Guava Bombs, Mango Bombs, and Heeng Aam Bombs


Anardana (dried pomegranate seeds), amchur (dried mango powder), kali mirch (black pepper), kala namak (rock salt), jeera (cumin seeds), saunf (fennel seeds), elaichi (cardamom) powder, sugar, and lemon juice.

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