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Love Chicken 🐓 ? – Here is how to add it to every meal of yours, with Zero Effort.

  • Khichdi? Add Masala Monk Chicken Pickle.
  • Dal Rice? Add Masala Monk Chicken Pickle.
  • Momos? Heck, have with Masala Monk Chicken Pickle.
  • Biryani? Have it with our Chicken Pickle.
  • Parantha? Well, works with the chicken pickle.

Well, we even made an Achari Chicken Pizza and Sandwich with it, and guess what? It works like a charm as you are using actual Chicken Achar. Chicken Achari Noodles did we hear? 😛

Straight from the foothills of Dhauladhar Ranges, Himachal Pradesh we are excited to bring you this treasured recipe of Traditional Kangri Chicken Pickle.

  • Keto & other Diet-Friendly Product. Source of protein and good fat in mustard oil.
  • Made from Free Range Himalayan Chicken.
  • 100% Low Fat Chicken Breast (Boneless)  Zero Preservatives



At Masala Monk, we are always on the search for the unknown. We love to evolve. After the immense love we received on our vegetarian pickles, we were on the lookout to create something interesting for non-vegetarian lovers as well!

Chicken. A word that raises the taste buds of all nonvegetarians.

This pickle is made by “Thakur and Verma Foods” – a collaboration by Pratyush Thakur and Abhinav Verma. After working as engineers in multiple metros for few years, both of us were pulled to Himachal Pradesh due to our love for Himalayas (which is where our ancestral roots lie as well!). We are based out of Kangra Valley and we make our creations in our homes here. We wanted to bring out the best flavors of Himachal Pradesh and what better way to start out with our first product as “Chicken Pickle“.

Cooked, Packed and Shipped from the foothills of Dhauladhar ranges, Himalayas
Chicken Pickle
Isn’t it tempting?
Made with locally sourced organic herbs and spices

As hard-core food lovers from our hearts, having eaten in over 25+ Indian states, we wanted to create something that caters to the diversity of India. After various recipe iterations, we proudly locked down our recipe from the foothills of Dhauladhar Ranges in Kangra Valley.

This particular variant is a “100% low fat chicken breast boneless” version. We have only one source of chicken and we personally source the chicken breast directly from a local free range farm house in Kangra Valley, Himachal Pradesh. All the herbs and spices(15+) are sourced from local manufacturers. It is cooked in 100% premium grade “Kachhi Ghani” mustard oil for 3+ hours over slow flame. Throughout the cooking process, we make sure all WHO guidelines are followed to remove any possible contaminants. We also monitor the cooking temperature carefully (>90 F is maintained for an hour at least).

Temperature is monitored carefully throughout the cooking process to make sure it is above WHO set guidelines
Thakur and Verma at Work

Whether you are at your home eating dinner, office churning spreadsheets, hostel bunking classes or hosting a party for your loved ones, we bet this pickle will have a space in your meal. We make very small batches in our home kitchen (Yes! In our actual home), with absolutely zero preservatives. If you are a non-vegetarian and into homemade pickles, we bet you’ll dig this!


Chicken breast meat (Jhatka), Vinegar, Salt, Ginger, Garlic, Red chilli, Mustard Oil, Cumin, Carrom seeds, Fennel flower, Fenugreek seeds, Mustard Seeds, Coriander seeds, Turmeric, Bay leaves, Cinnamon, Black pepper, Asafoetida.

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Store in a cool and dry place. Store it in the refrigerator for extended shelf life.

Shelf Life:

30 days from the date of manufacture

Direction to use:

Microwave/heat the portion sized amount before consumption. Always use a dry spoon/fork


We have a processing time of 7 to 14 days on all our products, however, it may take 3-4 weeks for final delivery depending on your location and Pincode.

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  1. Gaurav ahuja (verified owner)

    Tasted Chicken Pickle for the very first time and It tastes really amazing. Quality of chicken is really good. Worth ordering🤗. Chicken lovers, go for this product, you will love it.

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  2. RK Singh (verified owner)

    I had not heard of non-vegetarian pickle. But the name itself kindled my curiosity to place order. It was amazing- both the sight and the taste of it. The aroma of it sweeps you off your feet while the taste of it leaves you smacking your lips and longing for more. The chicken breast was of high quality. Packing is very neat and there was no spillage of oil.
    Have decided to order for every fortnight in the year.

    2 out of 2 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  3. Tanu Gupta

    Tried their thandai cake and peanut butter cookies today… finger licking good.. I am already thinking about what to order next

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  4. Radha Rawat

    Really liked this unique pickle. Not something you get in the market. Taste is really amazing. Finished it couple of days. Bonus is, low fat chicken boneless pieces.

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  5. Rajesh

    High Quality stuff, unique taste and great flavours – Bone less breast pieces which are easy to eat, oil used in the pickle seems like good quality and has a refreshing flavour to it.

    Tip : As advised on the bottle lable, Slightly warm the pickle before eating for better taste

    1 out of 1 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
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