Chocolate Peanut Butter – Unsweetened – 100% Natural

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100% Natural Chocolate Peanut Butter without any added sugar, fats or preservatives.


Chocolate Plus Nuts – Classic I tell you.. 🙂

Chocolate Peanut Butter by Masala Monk

It’s hard to believe what happens when you taste actual peanut butter and even better when there is chocolate in it– when we say actual we are talking about home churned stuff and not store bought full of hydrogenated fats and sugary crap which people think is peanut butter. On demand of our current chocolate lover customers, we are proud to launch our  “Chocolate Peanut Butter”.

And guess what, like all other peanut butters, this as well is KETO friendly.

The ingredients are very simple: Roasted Peanuts and 100% natural cocoa powder. No added sugar, no added fats, no added salt and of course no added preservatives.

You can add sugar / honey / salt as per your diet or taste requirements. This butter can be used in numerous ways, spread in on well toasted slice of any bread, use it as a dessert sauce, spread on pancakes, cakes, and of course just pick a spoon and lick!

This product is made at home by long time Eatlopian and food lover Mohit Arora, who first started making his own peanut butter as he found the quality of ones we get in India to be pathetic compared to what he used to enjoy during his stint in USA. Now, he is experimenting with more and more flavour combinations.

Weight : 300 gms


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Mohit Arora, a true foodie by heart, has brought some of his family recipes and his own recipes to be shared with fellow foodies who share the same passion. Having traveled to different parts of the world has brought him a thorough knowledge of flavours and textures, which he plays around when he creates new recipes and it becomes a new product from his kitchen.

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