Himalayan Chilli Garlic Chutney / Dipping Sauce

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Lets call is The Red Master. Because if HOT is your thing, this is going to own you.


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The Red Master 
400 gms of all purpose Chilli Garlic chutney, made with locally sourced high quality ingredients from Himalayas.

This sauce is what happens when you combine the super awesome Himalayan Rocket Chillies with hardneck fat cloved garlic from Himalayas. The sauce or chutney is cooked in Cold pressed mustard oil which is locally sourced and works as a preservative as well. By the way, we do not add any preservatives or additives to this handcrafted Himalayan Sauce.

Chillis as well as Garlic are locally produced in Himalayas – away from all the pollution, using spring water, fresh Himalayan air and without any harmful chemicals, fertilizers and urea. Which as some would say makes the food healthier, however we love it because of the purity of the flavor that you get from such high quality ingredients.

Try it at home on occasions like kitty party and game night, and enjoy this spicy dip with your loved ones. You can eat it inside a Club Sandwich, use as a sauce with Momos, pour some over your noodles or simple have some in your vada pav – I bet this is going to set your taste buds on fire.

This chutney is produced at home and comes packaged in a pet jar in packs of 400 gms each – being shipped all over India.

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  1. Ajay Shetty

    OMG! is all I can say, this would make your sinuses run loose.. and in a good way.. 😛

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  2. manikz (verified owner)

    The chutney itself is fiery and full of flavour, it’s a nice product. It’s their packaging which I really hated. The chutney is put in a plastic bag and then placed inside a cheap Pet bottle (unlike their other products which come in a decent glass bottle). The packaging is really tacky and not something you’d like to put on your dinner table. This is not expected after paying a premium price. They should use the actual images of the chutney in plastic inside the tacky pet bottle in their marketing materials. I wrote to Masala Monk about these complaints a week back and apparently, they don’t even care to reply back.

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