Himalayan Sweet Ginger Chutney – 200 gms

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Made from Organic Ginger grown using fresh air and clean water in Himalayas. Starts on a sweet note, ends with the warmth and pungency of ginger on your throat and inside.

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Another product we have on store less because we love the taste, more because its a essential medicine for an Indian household, specially with members who have breathing problems, ashthma, congestion, chest issues etc.

As our grand-moms have been telling us that ginger is really good for us, now science also agrees. Keeping some chutney in your fridge and chewing on it once you or loved one has some cold or congestion is an excellent idea. If you are a smoker or asthmatic, then you can try eating this regularly – lot of people have positive effects just by consumption of ginger.

We are sourcing the ginger from Himalayas, where is grown without fertilizers and chemicals using fresh spring water and breathing clean mountain air.

Flavor :  Starts on a sweet note, ends with the warmth and pungency of ginger on your throat and inside.



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