Homemade Schezwan Sauce

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Sweet at first, with a burning and delicious aftertaste for the perfect condiment to the Indo-Chinese cuisine.


Who doesn’t like some spice in their life! Ok, enough of cheesy opening line 😛

Indo-Chinese has been one of my favorite cuisine since childhood. Be it the Chinatown of  Kolkata or any restaurant serving Chinese cuisine, my eyes are on the condiments served there and my favorite one is Schezwan Sauce. I have respect for those joints who make their own schezwan sauce.

Sweet at first with a spicy aftertaste to elevate any dish

The spiciness, tanginess, and a little sweetness elevates any dish. This schezwan sauce is made of different kind of red chilies, is super hot and as some people (read foodies) may say “its complex”. It’s sweet at first and then spicy. You will definitely become a fire breathing dragon by the end of it, but will not be able to stop yourself from reaching out for more :P. Your eyes will water, your tongue will salivate, but it will be oh so worth it 😛 

Homemade Schezwan Sauce by Masala Monk

This homemade sauce can be used as a dipping sauce with your favourite momos, as a condiment with your Hakka noodles. Toss some fried chicken or lollipops, or vegetables in this sauce. Add it to your fried rice to make schezwan fried rice. As usual, I give a secret from my kitchen using my products, add this sauce to mayo and treat yourself with some spicy mayo to be used in sandwiches or as a dip. 

Use as a dipping sauce with your favourite momos Use as a condiment with your Hakka noodles The perfect partner for you Indo-Chinese delicacy


Red chilies, sichuan peppercorns, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, vinegar, water, tomato paste, sugar and salt.

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225 g

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6 months from the date of manufacture.

Refrigerate after opening.

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Feel the spiciness, tanginess, and a little sweetness in every drop A complex spicy dip for afternoon snacking Add some spice to your life, to your food

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Weight 225 g
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  1. Anu Chhabra

    So Flavourful.Loved it.😋

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  2. Kriti Nagpal (verified owner)

    Favourite of all.
    Sauté some veggies with it or eat it just like that. With right amount of hotness,it literally tastes great licked directly from the jar. Love Love Love It!

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