Keshar Sharbat

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Saffron has cooling properties that help reduce inflammation and soothe skin irritation, keeping it hydrated and blemish-free.

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Saffron is generally related to flavour enhancer, and not all are aware of the health benefits of this ‘sunshine spice’. Moreover, how many of you believe in the myth that saffron must be consumed only in winter? Well, moderate consumption of saffron can turn out to be a great natural solution to some of the summer body issues as well. Thus, I used some finest quality saffron strands and mixed it with rose water, lemon juice, and Kesari rock sugar to present before you, a refreshing and aromatic summer cooler.

Saffron has cooling properties that help reduce inflammation and soothe skin irritation, keeping it hydrated and blemish-free. Rich in manganese, this classic drink mix helps regulate blood sugar and is a rich source of riboflavin, an important vitamin for the heart. Moreover, Kesar Sharbat is also a quick fix for any stress-related problems and after dealing with the scorching heat, when your soul craves for a soothing drink, treat yourself with a chilled glass of Saffron Sharbat. Saffron is rich in plant compounds that act as antioxidants and protect your cells against oxidative stress while keeping a check on your calories.

The flavor and the royal look of this Kesar Sharbat can elevate the mood of any summer get-together while keeping the desi touch intact. The nutrition of the premium saffron strands dissolves with the health benefits of rose water to create a luxury drink, with a perfect cooling effect created by all that lemon juice and all-natural Kesari sugar, minus any added color or preservative. Add 30 ml of Kesar Sharbat mix to a glass of chilled water and rock the summer cooler game.
Keshar Sharbat Masala Monk


Persian Saffron (Zaffran), Rock Sugar, distilled water.

Net Weight:

Weight 250ml

Directions for use:

Mix 30ml concrete in 200ml glass of chilled water, soda, milk.

You can mix it for a Kesar hot milk too.

Add it to your kheer, pysam, kulfi.


Store in a cool dry place at all times.

Shelf Life:

Good for 6months from the date of manufacturing.


We have a processing time of 7 to 14 days on all our products, however, it may take 3-4 weeks for final delivery depending on your location and Pincode.

Homemade Keshar Sharbat Masala Monk


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