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Sweet, Sour and Healthy! Yes this Zero Oil pickle made from Dates, Lemon Juliennes is a dream come true for food lovers.

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I get this eccentric sweet craving right after I wake up every morning and had been gorging on chocolates and relatively unhealthy desserts for years until the guilt hit me hard. That’s when I realized that I can make my morning munching rather nutritional just by keeping a jar full of dates on my bedside table. Benefits apart from the nutrition? Well, dates have the exact amount of sweetness I like early morning to give a quick boost of energy and it quickly brings down my hunger pang, consoling my tummy till I manage to whip up my breakfast. Moreover, it controls my appetite for the day-long feast (you all know I am a foodie :P) by releasing digestive secretions and juices which are essential to control digestive disorders and to soothe your stomach.

But then, a point arrived when I got bored of the same flavour every morning and my dates needed some twist. And that’s how I came up with the recipe of Khajur Khata Meetha Achaar. Though dates are tasty in itself, an added natural taste to it is a bonus for your taste buds. So, I turned my regular dates into dates pickle which is a sweet and tangy achaar made from dates (khajur) fard and medjhool, lime slices, sugar, salt, ginger paste, red chilli, turmeric, black salt, cumin, clove, cardamom, and cinnamon. Completely homemade with love, this pickle can be used to break your fast or can be paired with any meal. Either way, it’s delicious and nutritional.

Nutritional benefits of dates:

Dates are a rich source of fibre, potassium, vitamin B6, magnesium, and calcium and also contain a good dose of calorie, carbohydrate phosphorus, calcium and iron. It contains fructose sugar which is good for health unlike glucose and prevents constipation. Also, the alkaline salts in dates can adjust the acidity of the blood.


Dates (khajur) Fard & Medjhool, lime slices, sugar, salt, ginger paste, red chilli, turmeric, black salt, cumin, clove, cardamom, cinnamon

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225 gm

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Good for 6 months since the date of manufacturer


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Weight 225 g
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    Thank you Vikas. I received my order. The date pickle is awesome- love the taste of lime.

    thanks again.

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  2. Jyothi Reshma (verified owner)


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