Lal Mooli Sarso Pickle

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Lal Mooli Sarso Pickle is packed with taste and nutrition and is the best accompaniment to just about any dish.


Winter Special – Red Radish Pickle

What is winter without the bounty of seasonal vegetables? From the ubiquitous gobhi and gaajar to the more exotic shalgam and gaanth gobhi, winter in India means fresh, seasonal produce. While I do enjoy the sabzis that we make out of this produce, my sure favorite way of using these vegetables is to make pickles out of them – tangy, spicy pickles that are the best accompaniment to dal-chawal, paranthas, pooris and just about anything at all! (Yes, I can make an entire meal out of these fresh pickles too!)

One of my particular favorites is the Red Radish Pickle made in my household. Lal Moolis are the highlight of the winter season – crunchy, hearty, sweet with a definite bite to them! And when they’re pickled – oh boy! the explosion of flavors is fantastic. Since they’re available in limited quantities and only for a short time, I make sure that we have enough of this pickle to last us a few months. And this pickle is what I want to share with you all.

Lal Mooli Sarso Pickle
Lal Mooli Sarso Pickle by Masala Monk

This pickle is not all about taste though. Red radishes are packed with nutrients – they contain Vitamins E, A, C, B6 and K and are rich in minerals. Radish controls the damage to our red blood cells and gives us a healthy circulatory system. They are also high in fibre, making our digestive system work smoothly. Do you need more reasons to splurge on this pickle?

Winter Special - Red Radish Pickle
Winter special homemade Red Radish Pickle


Red raddish, mustard powder, heeng, fennel, red chilli powder, salt, mustard oil.

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225 gm

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Good for 6 months since the date of manufacturer


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Weight 225 g
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