Nani Maa’s Meethi Saunth

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Let the childhood fun of Meethi Amchur ki Chutney twirl your tongue to strike a chatkara smile with Nani Maa’s Meethi Saunth.


‘Naanis and Daadis are THE BEST CHEFs in the Universe’. We all just have to agree about this one fact that there’s nothing that compares to the food cooked by our grandmothers. Whether it’s paranthas, sabzi, biryanis, or simple khichdi, we love to eat everything that comes from their kitchen.

This saunth which is an Indian sauce / chutney / dressing helps you :

  • Enjoy your salads – be it fruits or any other combination, the sweet, spicy and tangy flavor or this dressing can make any salad exciting.
  • Eat your chaats in the comfort of your home without worrying about hygiene issues. Yes, its the same sauce they top Chaat with in Mathura and in Old Delhi. Bhalla, Paapdi, Tikki, Gol Gappa, Shakarkandi etc
  • Elevate your street style snacks to next level and serve them with authentic Indian sauce, which is made to make bhajia, samosa and vadas come into their own.

My Naani was from Kamptee, suburb of Nagpur city, Maharashtra, and married my handsome Nanaji who hails from Sitaram Bazaar, Purani Dilli, Delhi. She brought with her the culinary influences of Nagpur. As kids, we were never exposed to much packaged food and fresh homemade offerings were our only diet.

This chutney has the required tang, a characteristic sweetness, and a touch of spice for that extra punch of dynamic flavour and aroma we Indians need

Naani used to make Meethi Amchur ki Chutney or Saunth which was the heart of all our meals. It had the right amount of spices, saltiness, sweetness and tanginess that would spark any meal, be it pairing with pakoras, fried snacks, paranthas, dahi ke gulgule (our ever favourite), mathis, and just about anything.😋 My favourite way of having it was topping it with cut bananas, mango pieces, pomegranate or just about any seasonal fruit and keep on licking it and relishing it for as long as I could stretch time🙈. It makes as the best fruit chaat dressing that I have experienced. This is Baap of all chutneys or ketchup for me.

Saunth by Masala Monk
Use it for your fruit chaat or as an accompaniment to your favourite Indian dish

Naani would send us big jars of love and before we would run out of them, a fresh batch would always be replenished. One lick of this yumminess and the tongue goes rolling to make the clicking chatkara sound😋

Over the years with hit and trials, I have finally come with peace at the closest that I can get to Naani’s recipe of making this delight. Presenting a piece of my childhood- which is sure to twirl your tongue to strike a chatkara smile😀.

Meethi Amchur ki Chutney
The right amount of spices, saltiness, sweetness and tanginess to spark any meal
Nani Maa's Meethi Saunth by Masala Monk
Traditional Saunth right from the kitchen of North India
Meethi Amchur ki Chutney by Masala Monk
Twirl your tongue to strike a chatkara smile with Nani Maa’s Meethi Saunth


Sugar, dried mango / amchoor, red chilli powder, black salt , salt , roasted cumin powder, ginger powder saunth, dates / chuhara / kharik, melon seeds, cloves / lavang, black cardamom / badi elaichi, peppercorns / sabut kali mirch, green cardamom / hari elaichi, homemade garam masala

Net Weight:

300 gm

Shelf Life:

This saunth or meethi chutney has a long shelf life and can be  easily stored for minimum 6 months at room temperature.


We have a processing time of 7 to 14 days on all our products, however, it may take 3-4 weeks for final delivery depending on your location and pin code.

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Weight 300 g
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  1. Ravi (verified owner)

    This chutney is soooo yummy, can’t stop myself from licking it all the time. Perfect pairing for all snacks. Never buying ketchup again

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  2. Lekha

    A super investment on a dinning table, no meal is complete without a spoonful now. Lovely flavour that rolls on the tongue

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  3. Nazli

    Yes, the saunth is wonderful and so are the aam panna and thandai. In a way, I am glad, I got the saunth instead!!!!!
    Thanks for the delicious goodies.
    Am ordering aam ka achar too separately.

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  4. Radhika S. (verified owner)

    Meetha saunth was very good in taste, though a best before date would have helped.

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  5. sanjay bhambhani (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and taste

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  6. Sunil Chadha (verified owner)


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  7. Nafisa (verified owner)

    Nani Maas chutney is just superb. 👍

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