Organic Jackfruit Pickle – 200 gms

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Premium Pickle made from homegrown, organic and unripe Jackfruit from Himalayan foothills!

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Created By : Masala Monk
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Jackfruit is in the season and we are now accepting orders for our third lot of Pickled Jackfruit.

We are sourcing organic and unripe jack-fruits which grow on trees in gardens of people living in foothills of Shivalik Ranges of Himalayas. The turmeric, the garlic, the chilly used in this pickle along with other ingredients would also be organic and processed at home.

This has a nice mustard oil flavor to it, as the oil we source is also cold pressed locally produced mustard oil rather than industrial oil.

Customer Review

Talking about nutrition, a quick google search would reveal all the health benefits of eating Jackfruit regularly, and we also intend to make it super delicious. Besides that since its a organic product grown in clean Himalayan air and spring water, the fruit itself has lot of flavor in it.

Chilli Level : We would be keeping the hotness to medium to low for this batch.

Shelf Life : As with all pickles this needs careful handling and needs to be stores in cool and dry place, preferable in a fridge, specially in super hot Indian summers. Also as long as the jackfuit bits stay immersed in pickle oil, they are going to be alright.

How to add Oil : Due to shipping restrictions we try to keep pickle oil levels to the least in the package, therefore we request you to add some oil when you get the package. To the add the oil, bring Kachi Dhani mustard oil to boil, let it cool down to room temperature and then add it to the pickle. For best results let the pickle sit for couple of days for spices and oil to adsorb each other’s flavors.

Excess Oil? Just drain in out, however then finish the pickle fast, as the oil is the thing that preserves the pickle for longer time.

Delivery : We currently have this in stock and are able to ship out withing 2-3 days.

Final Words

This is a chemical free ‘living’ food, and would continue changing as it grows old. As it is handmade by a family and is dependent on local produce, not two batches would taste the same


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