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A sweet and spicy blend of Indian spices and fresh peach to invigorate every meal and snacks.

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Peach season is finally here!
All year long, I look forward to the peach season but the sad part is that it ends pretty soon. I think it only lasts for a week or two. One week, the peaches are in the market and not really ripe and the next week they are super ripe. So ripe that if you buy a few pounds you can’t possibly finish all before some of them going bad.
This is what exactly happened with me. We bought a huge box of peaches and there were all pretty ripe to begin with. While we were eating them everyday, there were still so many left and I just knew that I will have to toss them if I don’t do something with them.
But how about turning those extra fresh peaches into a simple, delicious Sweet and Spicy Peach Relish!
I love making chutneys with different ingredients and I thought the sweetness of the ripe peaches would go well with the Indian spices. And I was so right!

The chutney turned out so delicious. It’s sweet and spicy and pairs so perfectly with just about anything. I had mine with paratha and then later with rice and chole. It was so good both ways. Also,

I’ve been eating this relish with toasted pita chips for lunch lately, and it’s so addictive!🙂It’s great in my salad and sandwiches too! With so many different ways to relish this jam to your taste, it’s a great way to use  peaches!

This sweet and spicy peach chutney is a great summer relish to pair with absolutely anything! This doubles as a peach spread as well, and it’s super versatile.


Ripe n Unripe Peaches, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, mustard seeds, garlic, ginger, white onion,red chili powder, salt,white vinegar,granulated white sugar.

Nutritional Facts:

Energy: 222.33kcal

Total Fat: 0.42 g

Saturated Fat: 0.1 g

Carbohydrate: 55.23 g

Sugar: 55 g

Proteins: 0.86 g


Net Weight:


Shelf Life:

6 months from manufacturing.


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A versatile peachy spread
Peach Fantasy by Masala Monk
The right blend of spicy and sweet
Want a spread both spicy and sweet?
Tasty and healthy dip by Masala Monk
Sweet and spicy peach chutney is a great summer relish
Indian spices and fresh peach extarcts
The zing to uplift your mood instantly.
Feel the freshness of peach in every bite
The sweetness of the ripe peaches with the right blend of spices Indian spices
Now every season is peach season
Homemade Peach Fantasy
Use it as a dip or a spread
Peach Fantasy by Masala Monk
With the right blend of spices
Peach Fantasy
So what if the peach season ends very soon?


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  1. Nelima Singhala

    Oh man! What a surprise this spread is totally flavourful and very very tasty. One lick and you can’t put down. Even my 5 year old daughter loves it ordering more

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  2. Radhika Chopra

    Its very yummy

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