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Made with love and warmth our Phalsa Sharbet will take you on a trip down the memory lane of your childhood summers.


Homemade in the traditional way from scratch, with some fresh ripe phalsa, this mix is completely chemical-free and has the exact flavour of the phalsa Sharbat I used to have as a kid. The sweetness of the fruit is counterbalanced by its own tanginess, making the blackish purple cool Indian berry blast a relishing treat. Made with love and warmth, as you sip in the Phalsa Sharbet, it will take you on a trip down the memory lane of your childhood summers.

Available in the form of an easy to blend syrup, serve this Phalsa Sharbet as a welcome drink to guests or just stir up a glass for yourself and immerse into a pool full of childhood nostalgia.

The temperature around is soaring and we need to shield ourselves from the heat. Traditional Indian summer cooler recipes were curated keeping in mind the essential nutrition needed by our body to deal with the outside heat, something you cannot expect from mass-made cold drinks or instant mixes for summer coolers.

One such age-old summer cooler recipe is that of phalsa sSarbet and one of my favourites. Though this drink is very popular in the north of India, these days, we don’t get phalsa in abundance, as it used to be during our childhood. Thus, I made an effort to find and hoard some of the best quality phalsa, only to turn it into a refreshing summer quencher

How to Make:

Shake the bottle well before use. Pour 30ml in 200ml of chilled Water or Soda and top it with ice.

Health Benefit

Phalsa fruit keeps your stomach calm and safe from the scorching heat, prevents dehydration, and has strong antioxidant, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that help the body fight against infections. Rich in minerals and nutrients, phalsa is also good for skin and liver, regulates high blood pressure, controls cholesterol, and cures anaemia.


Phalsa, sugar, black salt, cumin seeds, black pepper and spices

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Store in a cool and dry place and refrigerate once opened.


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12 reviews for Phalsa Sharbat

  1. Neha Khanna

    I tried phalsa sharbat and it’s excellent. Honestly, I must admit I am really happy with service.

    Taste is ones own but I can notice your quality is nice. The presentation is good too.

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  2. Anoop (verified owner)

    This is simply too good, had ordered 2 bottles. Both finished in 2 days flat.
    Ordering more

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  3. Rupal (verified owner)

    This Sharbat is very refreshing very unique in taste. Keep up Masalamonk

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  4. nmudale (verified owner)

    I feel though the taste is good, quantity is unimaginably less. After paying 399 what i get is a small bottle which is very less compared to what I get of other products for the same price. Quantity is something u have to think about.

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  5. Abhishek Arora

    Had bought a bottle of this. I must say it’s amazingly packaged and tastes too good. Must try!

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  6. Shivani

    it has a very unique but still a homely taste. Rightly said, perfect way to take a walk down the memory lane. Loved the product 🙂

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    Loved the quality, taste and packaging of the product. Excellent service.

    Good going…..

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  8. Abhishek Arora

    Amazing taste and super cool packaging. A must try for all. Best drink to beat the summer heat.

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  9. Abhishek Arora

    This is one of the best drinks to have to beat this summer heat. A must try for all.

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  10. Meghna Yadav

    Absolutely loved the taste! Haven’t tried anything better.

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  11. Ritika Malhotra

    The flavour is just robust (#a must try for summers)

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  12. Ritika Malhotra

    The flavour is just robust, loved it

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