StreetStyle Hardback Mango Pickle

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Punjabi style Mango Pickle from Streets of Delhi complete with shells both inside and outside.

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Picked up from streets of Delhi, this one comes with Hardback as well a strong shell inside.  And like all fighters that grow on the street, you can never be sure what all goes into it, however when it comes to a punch, this one is going to knock you out.

We are told that this does not contain and added preservatives and does not use any vinegar in its preparation. We are calling it bareback because it is made from unpeeled raw mango.

Weight 400 gms.

Please shake well to get the shine and spices on your pickle.

Shipping : All over India

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Weight 400 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in

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  1. Akash Verma (verified owner)

    I got the hard back mango pickles delivered today; took 5 days to reach from the day I ordered. So, thumbs up for such swift delivery.

    This is my first purchase from Masala Monk and I must say, I am not disappointed.

    This is a stand-out product given all other readymade pickles come with the same masala combination. It’s tastes completely homemade and reminded me of pickles that my grandmother used to make.

    The best thing about this product is that the prominent taste is of the green mango and not the masala. All other readymade pickles taste the same, thanks to overuse of spices to hide the original taste.

    These pickles are tangy, and I mean it. The first bite was very flavorful. Some might find this tanginess overpowering, but for me, that’s what pickles are supposed to be.

    It comes in a plastic container, could have been glass but I understand the logistical constraints.

    Net-net, I had great expectations and the product absolutely met them. I don’t want to comment on value for money as it’s a personal judgement.

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  2. Shishir Gangwar

    Pretty much tastes like homemade stuff quite happy with it

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  3. Sukanya Ahlawat (verified owner)

    Jus like mummy ke haath ka aachar

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  4. Meera (verified owner)

    It was yummy. Will order again

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  5. Sushweta (verified owner)

    Tastes good. Was expecting a glass bottle though.

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  6. Piyush Shrivastava (verified owner)

    I loved Mango Pickle

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  7. Subha Neelakantan (verified owner)

    Outstanding. My teenage daughter who doesn’t touch pickles also started having. For me that’s a big move.

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  8. Sukanya Ahlawat (verified owner)

    Love it…my personal favourite

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  9. Sunita (verified owner)

    It’s really yummy

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  10. Nikhil Dhar (verified owner)

    Everyone in the family loved this!

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  11. tsriv91 (verified owner)

    Most Honest Review –
    This is my 2nd bottle and I this achar is so close to what my aunt makes. I would like to share what an amazing CRM Mohit & team portrays. I requested for a glass bottle and I had it in no time. I shared my grievances about the bottle ( nothing to do with the achar) and it was solved the very day.
    A great product, great service.

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