Teet/Kair Pickle

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A lip-smacking Traditional Marwadi Recipe Pickle

Masala Monk brings to you Teet – a small sour shrub berry pickle exclusive from Rajasthan,
Prepared by soaking the berries in saltwater – sun-drying – pickling in mustard oil – seasoning with typical spices from the region



Teet ka Achaar – Marwadi Recipe Pickle

Rajasthan is a culturally rich state with an abundance of traditional recipes that can make anyone drool. Teet ka Achaar is one such lip-smacking recipe, with an aroma so appetizing, that just a sniff of it will make you go hungry.
Teet, a small sour shrub berry exclusive to Rajasthan, is pickled in mustard oil and seasoned with typical spices from the region to create a spicy and tangy achaar.

To bring out the most delicious taste, this unique and popular pickle from the Rajasthani cuisine is prepared by soaking the berries in saltwater to reduce its bitterness and pungency. They are then dried in the sun before indulging in the traditional method of preparing the pickle.

Besides adding loads of flavorful excitement to your Indian meals, Teet ka Achaar can also treat constipation and other stomach ailments. Teet is known to have several other health benefits and was used in traditional medicine for centuries. According to Ayurveda, Teet is a hepatic stimulant and can be used to treat arteriosclerosis and kidney problems.

Teet Achar
A Rajasthani lip-smacking pickle
MM_Teet Achar
Pickled in mustard oil and seasoned with typical spices from the region creates a spicy and tangy achaar.


Teet/dela fruit, salt, turmeric, red chili, nigella seeds, mustard seeds, asafetida, mustard oil, fennel seeds

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December 2020


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