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Up your Lockdown snacking game with the right blend of Sharp / Spicy and creamy with Masala Monk’s Wasabi Mayonnaise.

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This fun Wasabi Mayonnaise is just the perfect spark to brighten your snacking. 

Once you lick the mayo it is totally unputdownable. A dollop of creamy mayonnaise can transform a boring snack into something exciting.

The plant species, called Wasabi japonica, is in the same family as horseradish and mustard. Just like those other condiments, wasabi paste gets its sharp, spicy taste from the root of this plant family.

The burn is short and sweet, travelling through your sinuses and igniting the senses. Its aroma is so intense that Japanese scientists have been working on a fire alarm for people who are deaf that uses the scent from wasabi to wake people quickly from deep sleep.

A little wasabi (of any kind) goes a long way. Some people like to dip only the ends of their chopsticks in the wasabi, while more daring diners may mix their wasabi with soy sauce to create a hot dipping sauce, known as wasabi-joyu.

Wasabi has a strong, spicy taste, different from the taste of capsaicin, the chemical found in chili peppers that gives them their hot or spicy flavor. While capsaicin gives the sensation of “burning” on the tongue, wasabi affects the olfactory sense, releasing chemical vapors that affect the nasal passage. The potent taste of wasabi is similar to hot mustard and is most commonly used as a condiment in sashimi (raw seafood) and sushi. It is also used in many other Japanese dishes.

Since its unique flavor is not oil-based as it is with chili peppers, the strong sensation of eating wasabi does not last very long, and people actually find it pleasant and invigorating!

A dollop of creamy mayonnaise can transform a boring snack into something exciting. Before it became popular as an essential fast food ingredient, this creamy condiment was used as a dip in Spain and then its popularity slowly spread across France and other countries.

I don’t know about y’all, but for me, nothing says summer more than a potato salad, chicken salad, pasta salad or tuna salad.

This Dip gives all your snacking needs the right spark! 


Refined Soyabean Oil, Water, Sugar, Milk Solids, Iodised Salt, Lemon Juice, required seasoning. 

Nutritional Facts:

Per 100gms 

Energy 502.2(kcal)

Protien 0.5(g) 

Fat 51.8(g)

Saturated Fat 9.2(g) 

Cholesterol 0.0(g)

Sugar 7.3(g)

Carbohydrate 8.6(g)

Net Weight:


Shelf Life:

4 months from manufacturing. Refrigerate after opening.


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Creamy Wasabi Mayonnaise
Wasabi Mayonnaise by Masala Monk
Feel the yum in every bite
Add it to your potato salad, chicken salad, pasta salad or tuna salad
The right amount of spicy and creamy.
Add the perfect spark to your monsoon snacking with Wasabi Mayonnaise
Mayonnaise with a twist
Make your sushi game strong
Wasabi affects the olfactory sense, releasing chemical vapors that affect the nasal passage.
Feel the short and sweet burn of Wasabi
Add the right zing to your snacking
Satiate your taste buds with Wasabi Mayonnaise
A globally favourite dip
A dip that you will relish with every bite
Time to change your dip
Relish the hot or spicy flavor of the creamy texture.
Wasabi Mayonnaise by Masala Monk
Enhance your snacking game with Wasabi Mayonnaise

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  1. Manoj Bhist

    Super awesome, perfect stuff to clear your sinses in this weather and enjoy as a yummy dip. Best part is to have it guilt free as it is homemade with no preservatives.
    Keep up!

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  2. Vanita Arora (verified owner)


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