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6 Impressive Benefits of Kadaknath (Wild Black Chicken)

A unique breed of India ‘Kadaknath (black meet chicken)’ is native to Madhya Pradesh, India. The impressive benefits of Kadaknath are attributed to its extraordinary nutritional value.

The heart-healthy wild black chicken is also well-known for its adaptability to the Indian environment, exquisite taste, unique texture, and flavor. Although the kadaknath chicken flesh is black, it’s a delicacy with a distinctive taste and tons of health benefits.

Nutritional Value of Kadaknath

Kadaknath has over 25% protein content, high levels of 8 essential amino acids, and hormones. It is a rich source of vitamins and minerals including vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin E and C, iron, phosphorus, niacin, calcium, etc.

Kadaknath Chicken

Kadaknath chicken is a good source of blue pigment, hormones, and amino acids that increase blood count and hemoglobin. Let’s find out the impressive benefits it offers for healthy living:

1. Rich in Antioxidants

Packed with antioxidants, kadaknath chicken is helpful in combating free radicals and, ultimately, damage to healthy brain cells.

Kadaknath is rich in carnosine, an antioxidant naturally found in muscles of the heart, brain, and other body parts. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, neuroprotective, prevents Alzheimer’s disease, regulates diabetes, aids eye disorders (cataracts) and kidney problems.

Several studies have shown kadaknath to be an effective treatment for cancerous tumors.

2. Improves Eyesight

Kadaknath is abundant with Carnosine. The antioxidant ‘carnosine’ is beneficial for eyesight. It actively prevents macular degeneration to promotes healthy vision.

Adding black chicken to your diet along with vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin A greatly improves eyesight.

3. Lowers the Risk of Heart Disease

Being a rich source of iron, black chicken is a healthy addition to the diet of heart patients. It boosts blood flow to the heart and prevents blood clots. Therefore, it greatly reduces the risk of heart attack as well as strokes.

Studies have shown that black chicken has low cholesterol content (0.73-1.05%) compared to white chicken (13-25%).

Research conducted at the Central Food and Research Institute of Mysore found it healthy for cardiac patients as it boosts blood flow to the heart.

Moreover, black chicken contains lot of antioxidants that are anti-inflammatory; ultimately, reducing the risk of heart disease.

4. Great for Women’s Health Issues

Recent studies have found that mineral and vitamin deficiency risk is 41% in women, especially between the ages of 19-50 years. It is 47% of pregnant or breastfeeding moms. Thus, kadaknath is a natural source of vital minerals and vitamins to fulfill the body’s daily needs.

Black chicken is high in protein, vitamin B, E, phosphorus, iron, etc. to fulfill bodily deficiencies in women.

Several clinical research has indicated that black chicken is an effective treatment for women’s health issues such as anemia, menoxenia, sterility, continuous abortion, metrorrhagia, leucorrhoea, and weakness after delivery of the newborn.

Kadaknath (Wild Black chicken)

5. Boosts Energy

Black chicken or kadaknath contain high amounts of protein. The nutrient-rich black chicken is beneficial for boosting your energy levels.

Not only is it healthy for the heart, but black chicken gives you a natural boost in energy. It boosts your metabolic rate but also improves brain functions. It boosts focus and memory at work.

Apart from that, black chicken is also helpful in treating tuberculosis, neurasthenia, osteomalacia in children, and heart problems.

6. Good Source of Iron

Iron is an essential mineral that’s important for growth and development. It is used to make hemoglobin, a protein to carry oxygen from lung to the heart, brain, and other parts of the body.

Deficiency of iron is quite common in women, especially during the reproductive cycles or post-pregnancy period. Iron deficiency due to malnutrition is quite prevalent around the world.

Black chicken is a natural source of iron to prevent anemia. Anemic patients suffer from several health issues such as exhaustion, lack of energy, lack of focus, reduced memory, and GI issues. That’s why black chicken is considered super healthy for women, especially during the post-pregnancy recovery time.

Health Benefits of Eggs of Kadaknath

The Kadaknath eggs are as nutritious as the chicken itself is. The eggs contain a higher amount of proteins (25.47%) compared to white chicken eggs. The eggs are found effective against headaches, asthma, kidney issues, iron deficiency, and quick recovery after delivery.


The nutrient-packed, iron-rich kadaknath must be added to your diet to enjoy its impressive health benefits for the heart and mind.

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5 Reasons to add Chicken in your Diet

2022 calls for some healthy goals and there is no better time to start than today! If you are a non-vegetarian and looking for a tasty and healthy diet, you can try adding chicken to your everyday meal. Yes, you heard it right. Chicken is one of the most common protein-rich staple foods for poultry lovers across the world.

Along with its rich taste, chicken offers several health benefits which have made most health enthusiasts move from red meat to this lean meat. And, do you know what the best part is? You can add it to your diet plan in the form of skinless, grilled chicken breasts owing to their nutritional profile and calorie content as per your preferences. On top of that, chicken recipes are drool-worthy and easy to make. Win-Win. Right?

Please do have a look at our collection of non-vegetarian pickle:

Kadaknath Pickle (Wild Black Chicken Pickle)
Chicken Pickle – 100% Himalayan
Chicken Pickle – Bone Variant

If you are still having second thoughts, we are about to give you five tempting reasons to add chicken to your healthy diet plan and make it super yummy as well as irresistible. Let’s get started:

1. Rich in Protein

Lean chicken is full of protein and less cholesterol making it an ideal option for weight loss. A 3oz of the chicken portion that is skinless, as well as boneless, contains only 102 calories and a whopping 19 grams of dietary protein. Proteins help in increasing satiety levels and help in burning fats in the body more efficiently. Thus adding lean chicken to the diet helps in building muscle mass, keeping the metabolism in check, and promoting fat loss.

Pro Tip: Always use farm-raised and organic chicken and prefer grilled chicken over fried and stir-fried options.

2. Strengthening Bones

This may come as a surprise to many but chicken helps in strengthening bones as it is naturally packed with amino acids like calcium and phosphorus. These amino acids help in building muscle tissue. Research has shown that a diet high in proteins helps in improving bone mineral density. Including chicken in your regular diet helps in preventing the risk of osteoarthritis in the longer run.

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Kadaknath Pickle (Wild Black Chicken Pickle)
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3. Relieving Stress

Stress is something we all face on an everyday basis. During stress, the body releases a hormone known as “Cortisol” or “Stress Hormone”. This hormone stimulates the metabolism of carbohydrates and fat providing your body with a surge of energy. This, in turn, increases the appetite and a craving for salty, fatty, and sweet foods leading to weight gain.

Eating foods that help in relieving stress is super beneficial for maintaining good health as well as keeping your weight in check. Chicken is one such food that helps in reducing stress.

You must be wondering how? Well, chicken is naturally rich in nutrients like tryptophan and vitamin B5. Also, chicken is rich in Magnesium that helps in activating the stress-response system of the body. Increasing magnesium consumption helps in reducing anxiety levels and relieving stress. So, consuming chicken is a win-win option for you in every way!

4. Boosting Immunity

Consuming chicken helps in boosting immunity. Yes, you read that right! Chicken is not only rich in proteins but also many other health-beneficial nutrients like retinol, zinc, Vitamin B9, and Vitamin B3 that helps to boost immunity. That’s why doctors often recommend chicken soup after surgery or when you are sick. Also, consuming chicken in case of an injury helps in faster recovery.

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Kadaknath Pickle (Wild Black Chicken Pickle)
Chicken Pickle – 100% Himalayan
Chicken Pickle – Bone Variant

5. Reduces Risk of Obesity and type 2 Diabetes

Eating chicken on a regular basis helps in reducing the risk of obesity or being overweight. Research shows that consuming a vegetable-rich diet accompanied by chicken is associated with a lesser risk of gaining weight or becoming obese. Due to this effect, chicken consumption also helps in reducing the incidence of diseases like cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes.

Key Takeaway:

The high amount of protein, lesser cholesterol, and rich nutrient profile makes chicken a perfect option for consuming for a healthy diet. Not only chicken is a part of several delicious recipes but also a source of boosting immunity, relieving stress, and maintaining overall health.

All said and done, it is always advisable to add chicken to your diet in moderation. There are certain points that must be kept in mind when you decide to hop on a chicken diet:
1. Do not consume chicken daily as it may lead to food poisoning because of a bacterium found in the chicken known as Salmonella.
2. Do not exceed the amount of 500g of chicken per day.
3. Consuming too much chicken may lead to an increased risk of heart disease.
4. As per 2022-2025 guidelines for Dietary Guidelines for Americans, recommends consumption of no more than 26 oz of chicken a week.

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Love Non-Veg? 7 ways this pickle can save the day

Imagine a scenario where you have a kid who stays in a hostel – whatever might be the age – how do you ensure that your child gets better nutrition? Or if you are a grown kid who lives by yourself and manages your meals, then also achieving proper nutritional macros and doing it quickly is of top priority. Even if you are a parent and are responsible for your kids’ daily Tiffin Box, then also you should probably pay attention. And of course, consider who you consider kid, this should work if you are responsible for anyone’s Lunch or tiffin in the family as well.

Pickles have been a traditional part of the meals and you can see from our collection here, we have all kinds of them in-store, from most exotic to most mundane. But here this is particular one we are super excited about. Though our regular patrons can make a guess, however, this still is one of the pickles that not many know about. And it is so amazing that have listed down 7 ways, in which it can help you do so much more with your meals.

Yes, we are talking about Chicken Pickle. It is made using traditional recipes and it enjoys a shelf life of several months in almost all conditions, anywhere in the country. What that really means is that you can keep a jar handy and use the same as and when you want.

Here are 7 ways that kids – young and grown can use Chicken Pickle to get the most out of it – both taste as well as nutrition-wise.

  1. Lets get the usual off the list first – enjoy it with a parantha. Boring breakfast in hostel mess or office cafeteria? Well, just spice it up with couple of pieces of chicken from your own jar of Masala Monk Chicken Pickle and add some incredible spunk along with a little shot of proteins to your meal. Tip – It goes like a charm with humble aloo parantha, elevating it few levels.

  2. Lets talk about rice – be it a regional biryani or or simple pulao made at home – Masala Monk Chicken Pickle is always there to add that extra zing. Even if you have a plate of hot steamed rice, add some of the oil and spices from pickle to them along with a few chunks of course and let your hands do all the good work – you can thank me later. That’s said, finishing off your meal with curd rice, topped with some of Masala Monk’s Chicken Pickle takes the game to a whole new level.

  3. Lets talk about your favorite Instant Noodles. I know, I know we all have that favorite packed of noodles, however if you have ever been to South East Asia, you will realise how experimental they are with their noodles. So if you do not mind experimenting, then Masala Monk’s Chicken Pickle would go extremely well with Maggi, which I am sure your kids or grown kids in your lives will love. Adding some protien and flavor to it is not going to hurt anyone. Just saying. So yes, Masala Monk Chicken Pickle can be enjoyed as a side condiment after your Maggi noodles are cooked or you can just add the chunks and spices while cooking the same. Tip – patrons with kids in hostels – focus.

  4. Chicken achari Sandwich? Singles and Bachelors amongst us would know how many times a sandwich comes to save our lives. This pickle is highly recommended if you like your sandwiches to be grilled and are a fan of that mustardy zing. You can get really experimental with what combinations you can try, with Chicken Pickle, to fill and grill in the sandwich.

  5. Achari Chicken Pizza – hehe! the world has topped pizza with so many types of curated meats and toppings – well here is our contribution and twist to the same. Make a pizza in the way you usually would – top with chunks of Chicken Pickle, lets some of that Masala and Oil flow and see the magic happen.

  6. Ahem Chakna Ahem anyone 😛 – You get the trip, beer, whiskey, vodka or gin – a pinch of pickle works so well as a chakna – amuse bouche or palate cleanser if you prefer that kind of parlance – but you get the drift – it does work really well.

  7. Like to keep it simple? Life is good and god has blessed you with dal, subzi and roti on your plate. Though most of the times it makes up for a soulful meal however there are times when we need that little extra. Ofcourse there are so many other vegetarian pickles to help you do that – but having a non-veg pickle has its own charm – the flavor is gonna add so much more to the entire meal and give it a feeling of a feast.

It makes for an excellent gift to anyone who is a non-vegetarian and appreciates good food. Gift them a jar or a few of Masala Monk Chicken Pickle and see them jump with joy. It is an item that is not available on the shelf next door and would give the receiver would feel the thought and effort that would have gone behind the gift.

In the lap of Himalayas

By the way, the jar of Masala Monk Chicken Pickle might sound slightly on the expensive side, but it is probably still cheaper than a portion of butter chicken you would get delivered from a decent restaurant – and the pickle is definitely more exotic and longer-lasting. Besides that, the pickle is actually made using premium breast cuts of Himalayan Chickens which are bred in far better conditions than the chicken you will usually find next door. The pickle is made in Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh and is part of our endeavor to support local women and farmers in the area. So when you arrive e buying a jar, it is directly getting shipped from a home in Himachal Pradesh and you are making a direct contribution to a lot of lives in the Valley.

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