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4 Benefits of Coriander Seeds for Diabetes

Enhance flavors, relish the aroma, and garnish your BBQs and curries; the more the better. If you are a diabetic, coriander seeds for diabetes should be your new best friend.

Coriander or Cilantro whatever you may call it, comes from the Coriandrum sativum plant, a cousin of parsley, celery, and carrots.

Before unraveling the benefits, here’s a fun fact: Coriander is the dried powdered or seed variety of the plant, while Cilantro is the fresh leaves and stem part of the plant.

Diabetes is a condition where the pancreas does not produce adequate insulin, a hormone responsible for regulating blood sugar levels. So, you experience a spike in blood sugar levels. If it remains uncontrolled, it can lead to further fatal health conditions.

But your favorite aromatic spice coriander seeds can improve your diabetic health.

Nutritional Value of Coriander

Only 10 grams of coriander seeds or fresh cilantro can do wonders for your health. Fresh cilantro contains 92% water while coriander seeds contain 8.9% water. That’s why cilantro has a low mineral count per 10 grams.

Cilantro is full of vitamins (vitamins A, E, and K). Whereas coriander seeds for diabetes are rich in minerals (iron, magnesium, manganese, riboflavin, thiamine, and calcium). Making coriander seeds is helpful in managing diabetes.

With so much to offer, lets dive into the benefits of coriander seeds for diabetes:

1. Delivers Anti-Hyperglycemic Compounds

Coriander seeds for diabetes are most effective in lowering blood sugar levels. As per a study published in The British Journal of Nutrition¸, coriander seed extracts have several compounds that are anti-hyperglycemic in effect. These compounds are discharged into the bloodstream and mimic insulin to control your blood sugar levels.

Several animal studies also suggest that coriander seeds lower blood sugar by increasing enzyme activity helping in the removal of sugar from the blood.

2. Controls Insulin Release

Coriander seeds aid in managing insulin activity and keeping blood sugar levels within limits. A rat study published in the US National Library of Medicine found that coriander seeds managed the release of insulin from pancreatic beta-cells in diabetic rats induced with streptozotocin.

Moreover, the ethanol found in coriander seeds for diabetes is effective in lowering glucose serum. It’s well-known for boosting insulin production from beta-cells of the pancreas. This is helpful for diabetics suffering from type-2 diabetes with minimal insulin production.

3. Similar Effect as Diabetic Medicine

A few lab studies have found coriander seeds for diabetes to be as effective as diabetic medicines. A study conducted on obese and diabetic rats found that a single dose (20mg/kg) of coriander seed extract lowered blood sugar in 6 hours as much as diabetic medicine glibenclamide does.

A similar study on rats found coriander seeds to lower blood sugar levels and increase insulin production compared to the controlled group.

4. Improve Digestion

Coriander seeds are being used for ages for their digestive benefits. Coriander seeds have potent antioxidant properties and are rich in dietary fiber that aid in better bowel movement. Thus, with improved digestion, you will experience balanced blood sugar levels.

How Coriander Seeds Help Control Diabetes?

Apart from the benefits listed, there’s still more to coriander seeds for diabetes. A diabetic diet only consists of foods with a most of 55 glycemic indexes (GI). The reason is that foods with a low GI are digested and absorbed easily compared to high GI foods. Where coriander seeds only have a GI of 33.

Furthermore, coriander seeds are full of fiber. Thus, it gives you a feeling of fullness for longer preventing binge eating—a common reason for sugar spikes. For type-2 diabetes patients, this helps them manage weight.

How to Use Coriander Seeds to Control Diabetes?

To extract the most benefits, the best practice is to soak 10g of coriander seeds in 2-liter water overnight. Drink the water on an empty stomach to keep your diabetes in check the entire day. You can continue to drink the water throughout the day.

Final Verdict

The use of coriander seeds for diabetes can prevent excess sugar spikes. It works as an inexpensive anti-diabetic drug to keep you from overeating and manage your blood glucose levels. Moreover, regular intake of coriander seeds also reduces the risk of cardiac diseases, prediabetes, and metabolic syndrome. Head to your pantry and prepare the magic potion now.

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10 Health Benefits of Green Chili

Spicing up your cuisines with green chili loads your diet with various health benefits.

Think of Indian cuisines, the first flavor that gets you salivating will definitely be the ‘sizzling-spicy part’. Where green chilies hold the crown among spices.

On top of making your foods taste more ‘Asian’, green chili brings a lot of goodness to your health.

Furthermore, green chili helps you lose weight, and prevent diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

Nutritional Potency of Green Chili

Green chili is a no-calorie, no-cholesterol ingredient, that is too packed with dietary fibers. Belonging to the Capsicum family, the nutrient power is obvious from green chili vitamins that include vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and minerals such as copper, potassium, and iron.

Let’s dive deeper into the benefits and side effects of green chili:

1. Boosts Metabolism & Promotes Weight Loss

One of the visible benefits of green chili for weight loss is that it’s a zero-calorie spice. Moreover, eating green chilies can boost your metabolism by more than 50%.

What happens is that green chili contains a potent ingredient ‘capsaicin’. Capsaicin increases body temperature, leading to a higher metabolic rate.

2. Prevents Diabetes

High dietary fiber and capsaicin in green chili aid in maintaining blood glucose levels in diabetics. But, that requires you to consume a small 30g of green chilies every day. It boosts your metabolic rate, increasing the absorption of sugar in the blood.

3. Anti-Aging Properties

As per research, vitamin C present in green chili increases collagen production, delaying the signs of aging. Collagen also helps your skin appear youthful, supple, and glowing.

The added green chili benefits for the skin is that it contains vitamin E, vital to delay the signs of aging.

There’s still more to it: green chili has antibacterial properties which help prevent acne and fade away blemishes.

4. Natural Iron Source

Green chili is a good source of iron for anemics. The vitamin C found in green chili increases the absorption of iron.

Research shows that vitamin C (ascorbic acid) helps capture non-heme iron and store it in such a form that iron is more bioavailable to the body.

5. Cold Relief

This may sound outlandish but the capsaicin in green chilies helps in cold relief. It activates mucus membranes in your nose, easing the blockage of the respiratory tract. That’s a fast relief from both cold and sinus infections.

6. Heart-Healthy

Green chili’s benefits for the heart include reducing the risk of atherosclerosis. Capsaicin acts by lowering blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Green chili also increases fibrinolytic activity, responsible for preventing blood clots-the major reason for heart attack or stroke.

7. Boosts Immunity

Living in the post-COVID world with vulnerability to epidemics, having strong immunity is imperative. Green chili vitamin C and beta-carotenes help in strengthening the immune system and improving eye and skin health.

8. Anti-Ulcer Effect

Green chili improves bowel movement, it’s an anti-ulcer aid. But people with active peptic ulcers can feel discomfort upon eating green chilies.

9. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The anti-inflammatory properties of green chili provide effective pain relief. Thus, green chili can lower your pain forbearance level, particularly for elders suffering from osteoporosis or arthritis.

10. Reduces Oxidative Stress

Capsaicin, the antioxidant in green chili, combats free oxygen radicals. Thus, reducing oxidative stress and preventing healthy cell damage.

Storage Tip: Keep green chilies stored in a dark/cool place, preferably wrapped in paper. Due to exposure to heat, light, or air, green chilies can lose the potency of vitamin C in them.

How Many Green Chilies to Eat in a day?

You can eat 12-15g of green chilies per day. But do not eat raw green chilies. You must consume them added in pickles, salads, dips, etc. to keep your stomach protected. As excess chili can cause acidity or other gut problems.

What Is the Side Effect of Green Chili?

Few Green chili side effects must be kept in mind when consuming in excess:

1. Causes burning sensation and may lead to acidity.

2. Daily consumption can lead to numbness of pain receptors

3. May cause an inflammatory response in the body

4. People with sensitive stomachs can experience abdominal pain or diarrhea.

Final Verdict

Green chilies are super-beneficial for elders at a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, signs of aging, and stomach ulcers. But moderation is the key.

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5 Benefits of Mustard oil for Weight Loss

Mustard oil is a zesty-flavored, aromatic oil added to cuisines all over the world. Particularly for its heart-healthy and medicinal properties. Along with this, the cold-pressed mustard oil is effective for weight loss.

The first mustard production in the subcontinent dates back to 3000 BC. Where Hippocrates utilized mustard seeds to prepare medicine and Pythagoras used them for treating scorpion stings.

On top of being a healthier substitute for refined oils, people consume mustard oil for weight loss.

And the best part is that this healthy alternative is already used in Indian households.

In fact, Mustard seeds are value-packed seeds containing rich amounts of B-complex vitamins such as riboflavin and niacin. These ingredients are responsible for boosting metabolism and helping you lose weight faster.

Nutritional Potency of Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is extracted by cold pressing or grinding mustard seeds. Cold-pressed mustard oil for weight loss is most effective as its vital nutrients aren’t lost to heating.

Mustard oil is rich in good fats i.e., 64% monounsaturated fats, and 23% polyunsaturated fats. These are heart healthy as they do not stick to arterial walls. But it contains as less as 13% of saturated fats.

Moreover, mustard oil delivers an almost perfect balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. A tablespoon of mustard oil has only 120 calories but 803mg of omega-3 and 2089mg of omega-6 fatty acids.

Listed below are the 5 health benefits of mustard oil for weight loss:

1. Packed with Healthy Fats

Rarely any oil contains minimal trans fats/saturated fats or ‘bad fats’ responsible for weight gain. But mustard oil has a unique composition. It is an excellent source of ‘good fats’ such as polyunsaturated and monosaturated fats. Together, healthy fats make 87% of mustard oil.

A study conducted at Harvard Medical School reveals that monosaturated fats improve heart health while polyunsaturated fats are anti-inflammatory and ease muscle movement. Moreover, these fats wouldn’t make you gain excess fat.

2. Reduce Appetite

Consumption of mustard oil for weight loss leads to diet-induced thermogenesis. It is a process of excess heat production. As per a study published in the book Nutritional Needs in Hot Environments, people have reduced appetite when their body temperature is high.

Another cause of reduced appetite is omega-3s in mustard oil. It helps in reducing hunger and appetite in obese people. In fact, with mustard oil as part of your weight-loss diet, you can overcome food cravings and follow the diet plan with ease.

Thus, you end up consuming lesser calories, nearing your goal to lose excess flab.

3. Higher Feeling of Satiety

Mustard oil is a rich source of essential omega-3 fatty acids: alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). ALA is not produced by our bodies and needs to be consumed externally.

Research found that omega-3 fatty acids, especially ALA, promote the feeling of satiety, preventing unwanted food cravings.

In one study, two groups of participants consumed less than 0.3g and more than 1.3g of omega-3 fatty acids every day. The high-omega-3 group reported feeling fuller for longer after meals compared to the other groups.

4. Boosts Fat-Burning

As per a nutritional expert, Ann Louise Gittleman, also a New York Times best-selling author, we should consume the right balance of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acid ratio, which is 4:1. Mustard oil hits the perfect balance for you. This helps in reducing the chances of heart disease, cancer, and even obesity.

The omega-6s activate brown fat by stimulating mitochondria. This brown fat burns calories to generate heat, leading to weight loss. That’s the reason why your body temperature is a little higher when you consume mustard oil for weight loss, or even massage it onto the body.

5. Supercharge Metabolism

When mustard oil is cold-pressed, it retains vital vitamins like B complex vitamins (B1, B6, and B12). These vitamins supercharge metabolism and help you drop a few inches fast. B1, being an essential component of mitochondria, converts food into energy. Thus, helping you manage weight.

Final Verdict

Mustard oil for weight loss is an affordable, healthy substitute for refined oils. Look for cold-pressed mustard seed oil to reap the most weight loss and heart health benefits.

Mustard oil works by promoting satiety and fat burn, which helps you follow your diet plan and lose extra pounds fast.

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Is it safe to eat Clove during Pregnancy?

Clove during pregnancy

Clove during Pregnancy Can Be Both Blessing and Hazard!

Unsure if clove during pregnancy is right or not? Considering it’s added to rice, curries, and most Indian cuisines.

Clove is a flavorful, aromatic spice that’s used for medicinal purposes, particularly for cold, flu, and more.

Bursting the myth about eating cloves during pregnancy: cloves are in general safe to consume as a spice. Yet, moderation is the key.

Let’s understand if it’s safe and how cloves during pregnancy are beneficial for the mother and fetus:

Is it safe to eat clove during pregnancy?

Health experts confirm that cloves in the powdered or whole form are safe to eat during pregnancy. But, clove essential oil or clove enhancements may not be safe. Overindulgence with cloves for medicinal purposes such as cold, toothaches, and cough is NOT recommended either.

Although chewing on clove during pregnancy is not harmful, it’s always best to consult your doctor.

Cloves have a nutrient-rich profile, constituting iron, potassium, calcium, vitamins, manganese, and more. Cloves provide many health benefits to pregnant women:

1. Muscle & Bone Development

Cloves contain a minimal yet good supply of vitamin E, calcium and phosphorus that are necessary for the muscle and bone development of the baby. Cloves are a must-have for a fetus’s healthy development the body.

2. Antioxidants Packed

Cloves contain iron and vitamin C which are vital in boosting immunity. They are also rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants activate the cell repair system and strengthen immunity. They improve the body’s response to foreign invasion during pregnancy.

3. Mineral-Rich

Cloves are an excellent source of manganese, sodium, and phosphorus. They are necessary for a baby’s healthy growth. Thus, eating clove during pregnancy’s first trimester is super-healthy for the growing baby.

4. Improves Digestion

Constipation and indigestion are common problems during pregnancy. Cloves contain dietary fiber that helps boost digestion and keep bowel movements in order.

5. Brain Development

Cloves are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for brain and nerve development in babies.

6. Anti-Microbial Properties

Cloves have Eugenol, which combats fungal, viral, or bacterial invasion. These anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties make eating cloves during pregnancy third trimester necessary.

7. Anti-Inflammatory

Cloves are rich in flavonoids with anti-inflammatory properties. It’s beneficial in easing the pains and aches you experience during pregnancy.

8. Prevents Cancer

Cancer is a prevalent disease and pregnant women need to be extra-cautious for themselves and their babies. Few studies have shown that cloves are part of the future of cancer treatment as they can inhibit cell proliferation of cancerous cells.

9. Prevent Stress

Anxiety, stress, and fatigue are common experiences during pregnancy. Particularly due to hormonal imbalances, emotions can be uncontrollable. In such a situation, a natural stress reliever like clove during pregnancy is no less than a blessing.

Side Effects of Eating Clove During Pregnancy

As cautioned earlier, you should not consume clove in high doses. Neither is clove oil or clove supplements safe for pregnant women.

If clove oil is consumed in high quantity, it can activate the uterus, causing contractions. That’s premature labor and can be dangerous for pregnant women.

Overdose of cloves can cause diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, internal bleeding, or breathing issues.

If you experience an allergic response after eating cloves, you must avoid them altogether.

Can Clove Cause Miscarriage In Early Pregnancy?

Cloves, when used as a spice, do no harm. But, consuming too many cloves, particularly clove oil can lead to miscarriage. As overconsumption of clove oil induces unnatural or premature contractions that can either lead to premature birth or even miscarriage. Thus, it’s best to avoid clove oil altogether.

Final Verdict

Cloves during pregnancy are tiny packets of vitality and nutrition for mother and fetus. These tiny buds are a natural cure to many pregnancy nightmares. Also, it is a superfood for the baby’s healthy growth and development.

All you need to remember in pregnancy is that excess of everything is bad, so, enjoy your meals and cravings without going overboard.

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5 ways to use Fenugreek Seeds for Weight Loss

Fenugreek aka Methi is a fool-proof way to step into your weight loss journey

Weight loss is no cakewalk. Calling it a herculean task wouldn’t be wrong either, especially if it’s obesity-related to diabetes, or undue weight gain due to PCOS. And, when the cravings are haunting you every day.

You may end up feeling frustrated, left out, or calling those sexy hour-glass bodies make-belief bodies.

We feel you.

And, for you, we found an amazing weight loss ‘natural pacer’, that is, fenugreek seeds for weight loss. Yes, the notorious seeds in your pantry.

Methi or fenugreek is a panacea for diabetics too. The magic lies in its fiber-packed constituents that slow down the process or carb-absorption. Moreover, it has vital amino acids that help in managing blood glucose levels.

Cutting it short, let’s understand how fenugreek seeds for weight loss are a game changer.

Fenugreek seeds are well-known weight loss agents for their incredible benefits:

  1. Increases metabolic rate
  2. Promotes satiety
  3. Burn belly fat faster
  4. Improves digestive health
  5. Controls diabetes and blood pressure

A study found that fenugreek extract was given to healthy, obese participants who ended up consuming less dietary fat. However, no difference in weight was observed during the 6-week study.

The study confirms that fenugreek tea or water cannot help you lose weight magically. Rather, it can supplement your weight loss diet + workout by helping you stick to your new eating habits, improving digestion and metabolism-which quicken weight loss process.

Another study showed that participants with diabetes who eat fenugreek seeds for weight loss can see visible results within days.

How do Fenugreek Seeds for Weight Loss work?

Fenugreek is a potent natural weight loss seed that contains galactomannan, a water-soluble heteropolysaccharide. It works by curbing your appetite while making you feel fuller for longer. And this makes following your diet easier.

Fenugreek seeds are packed with fibers (75% water-soluble fibers) that ease constipation and boost the metabolism of your body. It leads to quicker fat burn in the belly and adipose tissues.

Above all, the fenugreek seeds do not contain any unhealthy carbs. It only contains adequate traces of a few healthy carbs instead. Thus, it surely makes a true weight loss drink.

Moreover, by preventing calorie intake and higher metabolic rate, weight loss is a sure-fire outcome.

Additionally, the seeds have numerous health benefits, including controlled blood pressure and sugar levels.

The fact is fenugreek seeds are the healthiest and most natural way to lose weight. All those expensive weight loss teas and medicines focus on the same aspect: curb your appetite and quicken metabolic rate. Then, why not pick a natural alternative?

The cherry on top? Fenugreek seeds for weight loss are a good source of minerals and vitamins such as calcium, potassium, folate, phosphorus, magnesium, and vitamin A.

So, next time you are planning on weight loss, start with fenugreek seeds to help you eat less and metabolize faster.

Here are fun ways you can have your daily dose of fenugreek seeds:

1. Fenugreek Tea:

Add a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds or powder in hot water. Let it boil for 10 minutes. Strain in a cup. Add in powdered cinnamon, lemon juice, ginger juice, and honey to taste. The vitality will keep you going the entire day without feeling tired. You can drink fenugreek tea a maximum of thrice a day.

Quick Tip: You can get fenugreek tea bags to brew a quick cup anytime and anywhere. The add-ons are optional.

2. Fenugreek Water

Soak a tablespoon of fenugreek seeds in water overnight. Strain the water and drink it on an empty stomach.

3. Boil Fenugreek Seeds

Add a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds to boiling water. Cook it for 4-5 minutes. Let it cool and have your detox drink. You can have it twice a day.

4. Fenugreek and Honey

You can also add a spoonful of honey to fenugreek water. Honey prevents inflammation and strengthens the immune system. You can also take soaked seeds mixed with honey on empty stomach.

5. Soaked Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreeks seeds for weight loss work by strengthening the digestive system. To utilize its maximum antioxidants, it’s best to soak a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in water overnight and chew them first thing in the morning.

Final Verdict

Fenugreek seeds for weight loss work similar to expensive weight loss teas and medicines. Simply stick to your weight loss routine and amp it up with fenugreek seeds to witness faster weight loss results.

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