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A dash of ajwain or a pinch of healthy miracle?

The Indian cuisine goes as vast as you are capable of exploring and mostly because of its exposure to a wide array of spices. It’s an art or rather a learning to understand and decide which spice goes with which dish and why. Each spice has a distinct aroma, flavour and nutritional benefit, and if you take a look at the traditional Indian recipes, you will find them all. There may be hundred different types of spices, but ajwain, also known as carom seed, has been scientifically proven to have the maximum number of health benefits along with its spicy fresh flavour and exotic aroma. Extracted from a herb called Bishop’s weed, ajwain has also played a major role in Ayurveda.

Bishop’s Weed

Time has witnessed the usage and benefits of ajwain when nature used to be the only source of medicine in India. According to an ancient Indian practice, ajwain water reduces the water retention and swelling for women post-pregnancy. But even though we have evolved with science and technology, Indian recipes still swear by the essence and health benefits of spices and ajwain goes in a lot of them.

Carom seed contains thymol, an essential oil, which is an antiseptic and has anti-inflammatory properties. The chemical in the oil increases the secretion of gastric juices helping in better digestion, metabolism, and provides relief from abdominal gas. Ajwain is also considered as a natural antioxidant, and regular consumption in the right quantity removes toxic substances from the body, helping lose weight.

And it does not end here. Carom seeds can do wonders to the human body and how! From treating toothache and bad odour to curing liver and kidney malfunctions, menstrual cramps, joint pains, piles, cold and flu, to dissolving kidney stones, cleaning uterus and increasing milk production, the list seems never-ending. This common Indian spice is also considered to be rich in fibre, minerals, nutrients and cancer prevention matters.

Carom seed, has been scientifically proven to have innumerable health benefits

If you are already planning to incorporate ajwain in your daily diet, here are few tips from my side. Boil it in water and drink it away or stuff your parathas with it or just look for the below items in Masala Monk’s range to add this magic weed to your diet…

Winter Comfort by Ammiji:

One just for the sake of good health during winters. Personally speaking, winter is my favourite season and the last thing I want is to fall sick during a span of time when I get the best chance to explore, both in terms of food and places. Keep a jar of this healthy mix handy and say goodbye to all the winter blues. Ajwain, along with other healthy ingredients in this product will shoo away all the health issues this beautiful season brings with it.

Instant Batata Vada Mix:

We Indians can’t imagine batata vada, or for that matter, any kind of pakoda without the aroma of ajwain in it. Keeping in mind every specific flavour that needs to go in for the perfect batata vada mix, we have curated this instant batter.

Shahi Mukhwas – Digestive Mouth Freshener:

How about a post-meal mouth freshener that is digestive as well? Shahi Mukhwas has a mix of several exotic ingredients along with ajwain that not only helps you cleanse your palate after a heavy meal, but also boosts your digestion.

Instant Pakoda Batter:

Your love of pakodas is unmatchable, yet you can’t relish a plate full of pakodas because…digestion issue? Well, a dash of ajwain in the batter can save the day. And the Instant Pakoda Batter has the right blend of ingredients for a quick, delicious and healthy portion of Indian fritters.

Well, as much as we love eating and curating delicious items for our consumers, we focus equally on the health factor. There is nothing that beats being naturally healthy and that is all about introducing the best ingredient in the right quantity in your daily diet.

Sounds challenging? No more, eh?

Oh! Did you know that though it is known as carom seed, awjain is actually the fruit of the herb? To sum it up…

Top 5 Ajwain Benefits:

  • Reduces the water retention and swelling for women post-pregnancy
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties, helping in better digestion and metabolism
  • Removes toxic substances from the body, helping lose weight
  • Helps reduce pain like menstrual cramps, toothache, and joint pains
  • Cures liver and kidney malfunctions
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